Join Cutter, chief of the feral Wolfriders, on his quest to find other elves on a savage, primitive world. Wendy and Richard Pini's epic saga continues in Elfquest: The Final Quest, available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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Listen to Episode 20 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Skywise Timmain Together

Episode 20 of the ElfQuest Show podcast is live, wherein Ryan and David give voice to the sound of their minds exploding over the events of issue #11 of the Final Quest.

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Kickstarter update: 4th stretch goal


We did it! We met the 4th stretch goal! The postcards, bookmarks and original art for the coloring book will happen. Everyone who pledges will get them.

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ElfQuest Kickstarter Enters Final Days

Kickstarter Covers

We are in the final days of the ElfQuest Kickstarter campaign. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get over 900 pages of never-before-seen ElfQuest art, history, and inside insight from Wendy and Richard Pini themselves on what goes into the making of this epic, decades-spanning series. There are just a few days to go. Will you help make these amazing books a reality?

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Final Quest #11 is Here!

Final Quest Cover 11 banner

Final Quest issue #11 is here! This is the one issue you dare not miss! Get right now from Dark Horse Digital, order a copy from TFAW or get it at your local comics shop.

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Final Quest #11 Preview


Exclusive Final Quest Preview is up on Comic Vine. The one issue you dare not miss! The elves’ unprecedented gathering reaches a fever pitch when Strongbow’s lifemate Moonshade, Oddbit the troll queen, Mender the healer, Skywise the stargazer, and even evil Winnowill pursue their hearts’ desires-and some dare ask for even more! Angrif Djun’s war fleet invades the Wavedancers’ waters as a shattering moment of truth occurs between Cutter and Timmain.

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Order three great books about Elfquest and Wendy’s art


Flesk Publications has officially started their Kickstarter for ‘The Art of Elfquest’ and ‘Line of Beauty.’ Check it out and get in on the action today!

Welcome to our Art of Wendy Pini Kickstarter campaign. We are making available three different and amazing books that showcase the career of Wendy Pini. These three titles combined contain over 900 pages of material that comes direct from the Pini archives. Almost every piece has been scanned from the original artwork, meticulously preserved by the Pini’s since the 1970s.

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Final Quest Issue 12 Cover and teaser


Coming November 25, 2015. What happens when you discover who you really are—and realize you never wanted to know that soul-wrenching truth? Nightfall and Redlance lead a band of Wolfriders to try to learn the answer, just as the Wavedancers deliver dire news: the Djun’s warships have arrived. The most game-changing issue of ElfQuest ever! Preorder today at TFAW.

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10 Reasons to Pay Attention to ElfQuest Background Art

Wolfriders Final Quest 3

One of the greatest things about ElfQuest is that Wendy and Richard Pini take the time to weave an amazing level of detail and plot into each issue--even in the background art. Over the years so much that isn't necessarily a part of the main story arc, and could easily be skipped, can be seen by paying close attention to what's happening in the background. Often these moments are used tell us more about the characters' relationships and personalities. This is one reason reading ElfQuest is such a rich experience. Here are ten bits of wonderfulness from the backgrounds of ElfQuest. What other hidden gems have you found? Let us know in the comments below.

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Librarian shares where her obsession started


Laura Mehaffey is the head librarian at the Carolina Manga Library. On the Manga Library blog, she shares how she found Elfquest and it opened a doorway for her. “People often ask me what started me off reading comics. Be afraid, because you’re about to get some personal insight into a librarian’s childhood. Come into my childhood with me. If you dare…” Read the rest.

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Complete Elfquest now available in German


This just in from Germany (aka a real “Deutsche” treat)! It’s a beautiful hardcover, containing the first half of the Dark Horse “Complete EQ” volume 1. German-speaking fans, let us know how Popcom (Tokyopop in Germany) did with the translation. You can buy this edition here. Get the English version here. To find out more about other foreign translations, read here.

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ElfQuest is #1 on Buzzfeed’s Most Life-Changing Graphic Novels List

The Howl

ElfQuest is Number One on Buzzfeed's "24 of the Most Life-Changing Graphic Novels" list.

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Listen to Episode 19 of the ElfQuest Show

Final Quest 10 Troll Party

Episode 19 of the ElfQuest Show podcast is live! Listen to Ryan and David dive into issue #10 of the Final Quest.

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Final Quest #10 is Here!

Final Quest 10 Angrif Dying

Get it at your local comic shop, order a copy from TFAW, or download it right now from Dark Horse Digital!

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Wendy and Richard interviewed by Comic Wow!

Interviews are always part and parcel of the San Diego Comic-Con experience. And this year was no different. Wendy and Richard sat down with Gina from Comic Wow! and talked with her about her own long-standing love of Elfquest, some of their inspirations, and where the story is headed. If you love Elfquest, you’ll love this interview. (But we do think Gina might need to bring a bit more enthusiasm next time…)

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Final Quest #10 Preview


Dark Horse Comics has released a four-page preview of issue #10 of the Final Quest, which becomes available on Wednesday, July 22. For those who can’t wait until then, see the preview here.   h/t to Annemarie Schoonheim Bos for the heads-up that the preview was live.

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Twenty Tear-Jerker Moments in ElfQuest


At its heart, ElfQuest is a tale of joy, happiness and positivity. That doesn't mean there isn't pain, anguish and grimness, however; you can't have light without darkness. It's exactly these painful dramatic twists that give ElfQuest emotional depth and what make the happy, quiet times all the more special. Here are twenty of the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerker moments in ElfQuest. Grab your tissues.

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Dark Horse and Comixology

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.30.25 AM

As many of you may have already heard, Dark Horse has come to Comixology. We are very happy for Dark Horse and are happy to let you all know that currently, three Elfquest books are now availabe on Comixology. Check them out today!

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Translations are headed your way


Pictured: translation for the Netherlands We get asked quite often if Final Quest is going to be translated into other languages. The answer is yes! And as you can see in the above picture, it’s starting to happen. While we cannot answer exactly which languages are being released where and when we do want to let you know it has begun. We encourage you to check your local shops, and even contact the publishers of translated comics in your country. They will have the answers.

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Wendy and Richard will be at San Diego Comic Con 2015 (UPDATED)


You’ve been asking and we now have the answer, Wendy and Richard are scheduled to be at the San Diego Comic Con booth Friday and Saturday, July 10 and 11. Friday, July 10th signing now starts at 10am while Saturday, July 11th starts at 11am. If you can stop by, they would love to see you! Bring your goodies to be signed or buy awesome stuff at the Dark Horse booth. You can buy the limited edition hardcover version of Final Quest Volume 1 that Dark Horse has prepared as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

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20 Times ElfQuest Dads Were the Greatest

Cutter and Cubs Banner_Snapseed

There are some wonderful examples of good fathering and paternal love in the pages of ElfQuest. Here are twenty of the greatest dads (or dads-to-be) and most memorable fatherhood moments from over the decades.

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