Welcome to the World of Two Moons

Elfquest is the longest-running independent fantasy series, with more than 15 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print. The story of Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, and his quest to find others of their own kind on the World of Two Moons, Elfquest was first published in 1978 by creators Wendy and Richard Pini. The newest chapters in the ongoing saga – The Final Quest – are now available immediately online, on Dark Horse’s comic app, or in print from your local comics shop.

37 Years of Pointed Ears


Happy Birthday, Elfquest! Discuss

Comics at Columbia: Past, Present, Future – Exhibition Opening Night Event

From Columbia University: “The exhibition Comics at Columbia: Past, Present Future presents art, manuscripts, and ephemera from Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library, including items associated with the university’s history, as well as art from Mad artist Al Jaffee, Elfquest artist Wendy Pini, and New Yorker cartoonist Charles Saxon; drafts and notes from X-Men writer […]

Elfquest Final Quest #8


There is one question Wolfrider chief Cutter can no longer avoid: If the elves must choose between the star-traveling Palace, and “the Way” that binds all to the World of Two Moons, who will stay, and who will go? The irresistible call goes out! How will those long absent—Rayek, Winnowill, Two-Edge, and more—react? DISCUSS

If you could know your future, would you?


This question was posed by Ryan Browne on Facebook: The Scroll of Colors, the receptacle of all elfin history, past, present and future, is now in possession of the elves. Timmain, Sunstream, possibly even Skywise and Savah can turn it and decipher its meaning. Yet, we have not seen any of the elves turn the […]

Elfquest cosplay teaser


Put simply, here is the most surprising and beautiful tribute to both Elfquest itself and EQ cosplay that we have seen in years. DISCUSS

Elfquest Go-Back Throwback Thursday


It occurred to me that everyone is doing this everywhere else, so why not here as well? Every Thursday (assuming I don’t miss it for reasons beyond knowing) I will post something from the EQ archives that I’d bet few have seen and fewer remember. To start things off, a little something from close to […]

Elfquest “Final Quest” #6 preview!


“The human warlord Angrif Djun, more furious than ever, prepares a massive assault upon every elf living on the World of Two Moons. Master archer Strongbow faces an unexpected betrayal. And within the Wolfrider tribes, Chief Cutter and Chieftess Ember wrestle with a dire choice that will define—or destroy—their worlds.” Enjoy several pages of artwork […]

Elfquest at Columbia U

comics at columbia

Three weeks and counting! Here are the details: Butler Library at Columbia University 116th St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027 Tuesday, October 7 at 6:00 pm You’re invited to the grand opening reception of this exhibition, which features materials from Columbia’s comics archives. A brief discussion in 523 Butler will kick off the […]

Oh see, can you say?


Recently, there’s been a push to update the Who’s-Who section of Elfquest.com, and a trio of helpers – David Mizejewski, and Heather and Rob Beschizza – have put in a lot of work. Let’s take a moment to send them kudos! There’s a way to go yet, but you should check it out all the […]

Let the Tease Party begin!

FQ 5 cover

The teasers are up for the release of Elfquest: Final Quest #5 on September 24, 2014. Take a look at some gorgeous artwork and then join the conversation happening right now in the Elfquest forums.

WaRP, Dark Horse, and San Diego 2014


Important! Comic Con is getting close, and for those of you hoping to find us (Wendy and Richard) to say hi, get a book or three signed, pick up a copy of the newly-released Final Quest #4… here’s the scoop. We will not have a booth or table this year. We will be signing at […]

Let’s HEAR it for trailblazing!

McCloud WP EQ2-1

This is a toughie, because the examples from which I want to choose range wide and deep, yet I want to kick this thread off with a single instance. I hope everyone who reads this will then add to it. I want also to avoid any whiff of cronyism – which might, to an outside […]

Final Quest #5 announcement

ElfQuestFinalQuest5 cover

Just out from Dark Horse Comics, here’s the solicitation for issue #5! ElfQuest: The Final Quest #5 Wendy Pini (W/A/Cover) and Richard Pini (W) On sale Sept 24 Full Color, 32 pages $3.50 Ongoing Separated and weakened by unanswered Recognition, can Ember and Teir survive long enough for a rescue? Three factions must join to […]

Phoenix Comic Con 2014 Elfquest schedule


We’re just learning this ourselves now, so here goes! Friday through Sunday – Find us at our table (#2011, 2013), to get stuff signed, show us your EQ tattoo, or just say hi! Friday, June 6, 11 am – Wendy and Richard Pini signing in the Dark Horse Comics booth (#535) Saturday, June 7, 12 […]

The thunder of “canon” fire


Otto von Bismarck, the chancellor of Germany during the 19th century, famously said “There are two things you don’t want to see being made—sausage and legislation.” To this we would add “…and big sprawling creation myths.” Over the course of nearly forty years – longer than some of you have been alive! – we’ve been […]

Storytelling, truth, and the world we live in


Wendy posted this on Facebook, and it certainly bears repeating here. ===== I have something important to say – please bear with it because it actually has a lot to do with the most recent issue of “Final Quest” (and all of “Final Quest” for that matter). In the news and social media, right now, […]

When worlds don’t collide


Walking to and from my morning coffee fix gives me precious quiet time to think on things. This morning’s question was, “Why do I like the new X-Men movie so much?” (I know full well that liking is its own reason. But I felt there was more.) “Days of Future Past” is to the X-Men […]

Do You Have the Write Stuff?


Sound the alarm! Have Facebook, Twitter, online forums and blogs killed the letter of comment? You know … those things you used to write to your favorite comics and hope that they got chosen. Have they gone extinct? Do fans still like seeing their names in print? Why are we asking? Because Dark Horse just […]

Hand, Head and Art

EQ random art

The Great Elfquest Archiving Project is beginning to feel like it’s been infiltrated by HYDRA. “Scan a drawing and two more shall take its place!” There’s no longer enough space in the office (where the scanner lives); the art is spilling upward and outward into the living area. And even this is but the tip […]

Elfquest – Green from the start

Veiya Elfquest sm

Here at Warp we don’t let anything go to waste. We recycle! As a publisher, Elfpop is famous (or notorious) for repurposing the EQ saga in different ways for different markets. As a storyteller, Elfmom often does the same – only with names or characters. Years before Elfquest, Wendy created a kickass female character called […]

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“Final Quest” panel at Emerald City Comicon

EQ ECCC screen shot

It’s fitting that the final panel gathering of the 2014 Emerald City Comicon be about “Final Quest.” Elfmom and Elfpop talk about the series and field questions from the audience, and you can see video of the entire show right here on FlipOn.tv.

Elfmom speaks!


Don’t miss Wendy’s great interview in the landmark 125th podcast episode at MajorSpoilers.com!



Meaning, Elfquest at Emerald City Comicon. In less than a week (March 28-30) we will be up to our pointed ears at ECCC 2014 in Seattle, and there are three events you won’t want to miss. Saturday at 5:40 pm there’s “Self-Publish or Perish: All-Star Edition” in which we swap Tales from the Script about […]

Complete Elfquest volume 1 up for pre-order!

complete EQ

We’re still working closely with Dark Horse Comics to make this one spectacular package, but you can reserve your copy right here, right now! 720 pages of questy goodness, coming this summer.

Elfquest – The Long Run Podcast #5


The Long Run takes place outside of the “View From the Gutters” normal continuity of episodes, and features table discussion of an entire work or long selection of a series. In the fifth episode of this bonus series, they talk about Elfquest, by Wendy and Richard Pini. For this episode they read the first three […]

“Greatest Cosplayer of All Time”

WP Sonja

It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And whether or not you agree, there’s no denying that Wendy Pini is one multi-faceted lady. A cosplay pioneer before the word was coined, co-creator and artistic force behind “the first American manga” Elfquest, imaginatrix to the re-envisioning of “Masque of the Red Death” into […]

A Howl (of sorts) in Seattle

ECCC party

If you’re attending the Emerald City ComiCon – or simply going to be in Seattle Friday, March 27, join us in celebrating 30 years of Usagi Yojimbo at the Big ECCC Party. You can get all the details right here! Big fun, worthy cause, what more reason could anyone need?


ECCC cover

Herewith the cover to the program book for Emerald City Comic Con, coming up fast the end of this month. Notice anything particularly noteworthy over toward the left side? Cover art by Brandon Graham.

Elfquest Final Quest #3 up for pre-order


The second issue of Final Quest is still a month away from release (March 26) but the fine folks at Dark Horse are already lining up #3 for you to pre-order right here! It’ll be out on May 28. (Bundle it with #2, why don’t’cha?)

From all of us to all of you

EQ 2014 Valentine

The picture says it all – for today, for every day.