Join Cutter, chief of the feral Wolfriders, on his quest to find other elves on a savage, primitive world. Wendy and Richard Pini's epic saga continues in Elfquest: The Final Quest, available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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The misfit trolls return to battle the eager Go-Backs, to the delight of Two-Edge, who forms an astonishing alliance. Meanwhile, Rayek hungers to partake of the increased magical power of those who dwell within the Palace. But Cutter’s greatest concern is Angrif Djun’s massive war fleet, which seeks to crush all elves and their allies. Buy it now! Read the rest and comment

What does the healer know?


Leetah has witnessed and endured many changes in her long life. Her face seems calm, but what lies behind those emerald eyes? Don’t miss out on the Final Quest. Get it today at Dark Horse Comics. Read the rest and comment

Bearclaw as you’ve never seen him before


Here’s a Throwback Thursday treat! Never published before, anywhere, this is Wendy’s first sketch—visually and thematically—of the Wolfriders’ tenth chief. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 2


Coming January 26, 2016, Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 2. Volume 2 collects Wendy and Richard Pini’s issues #7-12 of The Final Quest, the newest adventures of the Wolfriders in glorious full color. “It is time. Sunstream, son of Wolfrider chief Cutter Kinseeker, finally fulfills his destiny and becomes the psychic link among all the elfin tribes scattered across the World of Two Moons. At long last, the seeds planted 20,000 years ago in the original, classic Quest can come to fruition. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest meets Shakespeare


Yesterday evening, Heather and Rob Beschizza and I (Richard) performed a surprise read-through of “Elfquest à la Shakespeare” for Wendy. The metamorphosis from issue #1’s original script into iambic pentameter was masterfully crafted by Rob and Heather. It opens: CHORUS At breaking dawn the crack of taut-skinned drums, Bear throbbing witness to our deeper fears. From human beasts a wailing murmur comes, The courage to surveil ten thousand years. As angry tints of ev’ning sky arise, Their dreaming words recall a distant age, The nameless world upon which we surprised, Calm visitors ill-met by mankind’s rage. Read the rest and comment

Cool Elfquest tools for the web


Reminders! We’ve got an Elfquest Avatar Maker, an Elf Name Generator, and, if that isn’t enough, Your Wolfrider Name. Read the rest and comment



The misfit trolls return to battle the eager Go-Backs, to the delight of Two-Edge, who forms an astonishing alliance. Meanwhile, Rayek hungers to partake of the increased magical power of those who dwell within the Palace. But Cutter’s greatest concern is Angrif Djun’s massive war fleet, which seeks to crush all elves and their allies. Read the preview at CBR (Thanks Stefan Gerritsen) Read the rest and comment

Strongbow at the Antwerp Convention #5


On Sunday, April 26th was the Antwerp Convention #5. Siwan Lesbeth brought her A-game to cosplay the silent archer Strongbow. Even building a section of his cage from Blue Mountain. Check out some of her work in progress. Like Strongbow, she makes her own arrows. Almost there! Siwan has her coplay page on Facebook. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest in education

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.20.10 PM

Jeff Meade (@mobilejpop) asked us if Homer’s Odyssey influenced the Elfquest hero’s journey. We told him: “It’s not that the Odyssey influenced Elfquest, it’s that both stories follow the same mythic form. Odysseus is a classic hero, who follows the classic Hero’s Journey – check out what Joseph Campbell has written about that. Cutter follows the very same template, which goes far back in storytelling and cultural history.” Jeff let us know that he planned on using Elfquest in his history classroom this week and he kindly shared with us on twitter some awesome photos. Read the rest and comment

Huntress Skyfire captured on film


Elfquest fans know how to cosplay. Here’s Hope Keyes, who took bow in hand and became the fierce Huntress Skyfire, escaping into the woods for some fun. She said the bugs were horrendous, but we’re glad she braved them. See more of her awesome work here. Read the rest and comment

1.6m pages of Elfquest read online this month


A record, up from just 135,000 for the same period last year! In addition to bookmarking our recently-updated homepage and comic viewer, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS. But the web’s no substitute for physical books—or the latest high-res issues—from Dark Horse Comics. Read the rest and comment

20 Greatest Wolf Moments in ElfQuest


The Wolfriders are the main company of ElfQuest, and they wouldn’t be Wolfriders without their wolf-friends. Some of the wolves are notable characters in their own right. In fact, certain wolves are as beloved among the fans as the elves themselves. Here are twenty of the greatest wolf moments from over the decades. How many do you remember? Which ones did we miss? Read the rest and comment

Final Quest #10 cover and teaser


Click the image for some tantalizing spoilers…

The ElfQuest Show Podcast Celebrates One Year

ElfQuest Show Podcast Graphic NEW

April 15th marks the one-year anniversary of the debut of the ElfQuest Show podcast. The show is the internet’s only podcast series dedicated exclusively to ElfQuest (in fact, it’s one of the only podcasts focused on a specific comic series, period). Hosted by ElfQuest über-geeks Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski, each episode dives deep into the world of Cutter and the Wolfriders, with a focus on The Final Quest. In its first twelve months, the show has gotten over 12,500 listens.  Read the rest and comment

Fantastic fan-art fashion ideas


Over at Polyvore, lowkie-runya has posted an amazing array of everyday wear inspired by a variety of Elfquest characters. It’s not cosplay, but we love it. If you like her Elfquest collection you should check out her other amazing creations here. Read the rest and comment

Go-Back Thursday


Nothing like a little look back on Throw Back Thursday, but how about a little Go-Back Thursday? Back in the day, in her spare moments, Wendy would sketch or scribble characters or scenes, thinking “out loud” with her pen or pencil. Here is an early look at Kahvi coming into being. Especially in the drawing on the lined paper, the Go-Back chief’s smoldering sensuality is already well established. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest cosplay photo gallery


Elfquest’s had a strong cosplaying community since the series was first published in 1978. Over the years, the cosplay we’ve seen has grown, and we’re always happy to see the creations each fan comes up with. We wish we could showcase each and every cosplay—and do or best to showcase every one on Twitter and Facebook. But rest assured, there’s so much out there that a search the internet will always reveal more. Presented here are just a few recent efforts—a taste of what we have seen. Read the rest and comment

Guerrilla ElfQuest: Fans Scatter Comics Throughout Community

Emily Dionne 3

Sometimes fans go above and beyond the call of duty to help get the word out about the awesomeness of ElfQuest. The most recent star fan is Emily Dionne, who purchased multiple copies of Dark Horse’s reprinting of the very first ElfQuest issue for just one dollar, and distributed them throughout her community. Read the rest and comment

“Final Quest” makes Amazon’s “Best Spring Reads” list

FQ vol 1 cover

Opened up our email and this jumped out from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics: “Just wanted to give you a heads up. We got word from our Book Market crew that ElfQuest: The Final Quest volume 1 was selected as an Editors Pick in Comics and Graphic Novels for the Spring Reads program they’re doing. Exciting shout out!” (You may have to click through the listing to find it, but it’s definitely there.) This, coming hot on the heels of The Complete Elfquest volume 2 making the New York Times bestseller list just one month ago, has us giddy. Read the rest and comment

Five Reasons Tyleet’s “Little Patch” Story is Quintessential ElfQuest

Tyleet and Little Patch

There are many kinds of ElfQuest stories: epic quests, light-hearted one-shots, dark cautionary tales, and even silly Worldpool what-ifs. Among them are stories that perfectly capture the ultimate spirit of what makes ElfQuest touch our souls. The “Little Patch” tale told in Hidden Years #3 is one of them. The story is told in flashback by Tyleet and recounts her tale of raising an orphaned human child rejected by his superstitious birth tribe because of the red-brown birthmark on his face. Read the rest and comment