Join Cutter, chief of the feral Wolfriders, on his quest to find other elves on a savage, primitive world. Wendy and Richard Pini's epic saga continues in Elfquest: The Final Quest, available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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Listen to Episode 17 of The ElfQuest Show Podcast

Elfquest Show 17

There’s a new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast ready for your listening pleasure. This time hosts Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski plunge into the exciting events of issue #8 of the Final Quest. What will be the repercussions of Shenshen’s decision? Are Korafay and Reef lovemates? Will Strongbow and Moonshade really separate? Is Rayek being melodramatic? Go-Back orgies! And of course, who are the new mystery elves revealed in that gorgeous two-page spread? All are discussed in geeky detail in episode 17 of the podcast. Read the rest and comment

Finding Lost Elfquest Treasure

used EQ

Elfquest has been going strong for a long time. Many readers and collectors have followed the story since the beginning, and new ones join the pack every day. Sometimes, though, for any number of reasons, someone needs to let go their collection of comics or books, and these “lost children of the High Ones” find their way to eBay or used book stores or flea markets – where some lucky new reader may find them. These comics were spotted in a shop in Simi Valley, California just yesterday. Read the rest and comment

Behind The Scenes – part 1

FQ 8 pg 2 before after

As long as Elfquest has been around, readers have been fascinated with the artwork. There is literally no other comic book series in which the art manages perfectly to blend the airy and cartoony sensibility of a manga sensei like Osamu Tezuka, with the mass and power of a master like Jack Kirby. That’s what series artist Wendy Pini brings to Elfquest every issue. Often, people ask “How do you put together a page?” In the coming days and weeks, we’ll showcase examples of the many answers to that simple-seeming question. Read the rest and comment

“What the **** are those things?!”

tree elves

This is exactly what David Mizejewski and Ryan Browne, creators and producers of the one-and-only Elfquest Show podcast, said when they first laid eyes on the newly-released Final Quest #8. (By the way, that issue is out in comic shops today, Wednesday, March 25, as well as available as a digital download right here from Dark Horse Digital.) What do we know about them? They are elves, descendants of the original Firstcomers. (This is, after all, still Elfquest, not Ent-quest or Dryad-quest or Heap-quest or Swamp-Thing-quest.) They look pretty spooky. Read the rest and comment

Help complete “the Complete Elfquest”

Tyleet read

As (we hope) you know, Dark Horse Comics has published two gorgeous volumes in their “Complete Elfquest” series. These books contain, in the first collection, the entire original 20-issue quest; and in the second, all 17 issues of “Siege at Blue Mountain” and “Kings of the Broken Wheel.” Those were the easy collections! Each book contains totally linear story. But now, as Warp and Dark Horse contemplate further volumes, the question becomes “In what order should the later tales be read to make the most sense?” For a while, Elfquest split into concurrent tales (Cutter’s Wolfriders in “Shards,” Ember’s in “Hidden Years”), as well as past and future threads. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest Final Quest #8 – SPOILERS

FQ8b DH cover

There is one question Wolfrider chief Cutter can no longer avoid: If the elves must choose between the star-traveling Palace, and “the Way” that binds all to the World of Two Moons, who will stay, and who will go? The irresistible call goes out! How will those long absent—Rayek, Winnowill, Two-Edge, and more—react? In keeping with our new spoiler policy (basically, as soon as you’ve read a new issue, you’re free to talk about any aspect of it you want), we’re letting everyone know right up top that spoilers lurk in the discussion below. Read the rest and comment

Bringing the Discussion Home


For years, there have been two sides to Elfquest.com – the news and the social. At long last, we’re bringing them together. From now on, when a news item appears on the home page, you can comment on it right away, directly. In balance, to keep things manageable, we’ve retired the forum. Existing threads are archived as read-only, accessible to all for reference purposes. Important! You will need to sign up again, to participate. You can pick the same user name, email, password, etc. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest hits New York Times Bestseller list


There are four little words that every writer and/or artist dreams will one day apply to their work: “New York Times Bestseller.” Break out the bubbly, Questers, because today’s the day! Scroll down to #7, and howl! [archived] Read the rest and comment

37 Years of Pointed Ears


Happy Birthday, Elfquest! Read the rest and comment

Elfquest #9 cover teased


Read the rest and comment

Comics at Columbia: Past, Present, Future – Exhibition Opening Night Event

From Columbia University: “The exhibition Comics at Columbia: Past, Present Future presents art, manuscripts, and ephemera from Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library, including items associated with the university’s history, as well as art from Mad artist Al Jaffee, Elfquest artist Wendy Pini, and New Yorker cartoonist Charles Saxon; drafts and notes from X-Men writer Chris Claremont and Legion of Super Heroes writer Paul Levitz, and correspondence from mainstream and indie comics luminaries Stan Lee, Harvey Kurtzman, and Howard Cruse, and more. Read the rest and comment

If you could know your future, would you?


This question was posed by Ryan Browne on Facebook: The Scroll of Colors, the receptacle of all elfin history, past, present and future, is now in possession of the elves. Timmain, Sunstream, possibly even Skywise and Savah can turn it and decipher its meaning. Yet, we have not seen any of the elves turn the Scroll so far in The Final Quest. Given its magical properties, it would seem advantageous for the elves to peer through the veil of time and use the knowledge gained to their advantage. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest cosplay teaser


Put simply, here is the most surprising and beautiful tribute to both Elfquest itself and EQ cosplay that we have seen in years. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest Go-Back Throwback Thursday


It occurred to me that everyone is doing this everywhere else, so why not here as well? Every Thursday (assuming I don’t miss it for reasons beyond knowing) I will post something from the EQ archives that I’d bet few have seen and fewer remember. To start things off, a little something from close to 20 years ago – the advertisement for the first issue of the (then) brand-new “Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated” magazine. Wendy’s in good company, but methinks the publishers knew who would best light a fire under potential readers. Read the rest and comment

Elfquest “Final Quest” #6 preview!


“The human warlord Angrif Djun, more furious than ever, prepares a massive assault upon every elf living on the World of Two Moons. Master archer Strongbow faces an unexpected betrayal. And within the Wolfrider tribes, Chief Cutter and Chieftess Ember wrestle with a dire choice that will define—or destroy—their worlds.” Enjoy several pages of artwork from the issue and then join the ongoing discussion right here! Read the rest and comment

Elfquest at Columbia U

comics at columbia

Three weeks and counting! Here are the details: Butler Library at Columbia University 116th St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027 Tuesday, October 7 at 6:00 pm You’re invited to the grand opening reception of this exhibition, which features materials from Columbia’s comics archives. A brief discussion in 523 Butler will kick off the evening, then all may adjourn for a reception and exhibition viewing in our Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Join us–and many of our archival donors, such as Chris Claremont, Wendy and Richard Pini, Al Jaffee, Paul Levitz, Alexander Rothman, Sophia Wiedeman, and more… If you’re traveling to New York for New York Comic Con, think about coming a little early and helping us celebrate! Read the rest and comment

Oh see, can you say?


Recently, there’s been a push to update the Who’s-Who section of Elfquest.com, and a trio of helpers – David Mizejewski, and Heather and Rob Beschizza – have put in a lot of work. Let’s take a moment to send them kudos! There’s a way to go yet, but you should check it out all the same. Along with that effort comes a push to finally nail down just how certain character names are pronounced. As of today, we’ve begun (we’re maybe 1/3 of the way through the existing list) adding a wee guide to every single entry in the Who’s-Who that we hope will help everyone get it right, just as Wendy and Richard intend. Read the rest and comment

Let the Tease Party begin!

FQ 5 cover

The teasers are up for the release of Elfquest: Final Quest #5 on September 24, 2014. Take a look at some gorgeous artwork and then join the conversation happening right now in the Elfquest forums. Read the rest and comment

WaRP, Dark Horse, and San Diego 2014


Important! Comic Con is getting close, and for those of you hoping to find us (Wendy and Richard) to say hi, get a book or three signed, pick up a copy of the newly-released Final Quest #4… here’s the scoop. We will not have a booth or table this year. We will be signing at the Dark Horse booth two, maybe three times on two, maybe three days. As soon as you get to the show, check the program book to find out where and when. Read the rest and comment

Let’s HEAR it for trailblazing!

McCloud WP EQ2-1

This is a toughie, because the examples from which I want to choose range wide and deep, yet I want to kick this thread off with a single instance. I hope everyone who reads this will then add to it. I want also to avoid any whiff of cronyism – which might, to an outside observer, seem impossible. Nevertheless, I’m not here because of a 40+ year personal and professional relationship with Wendy Pini. I’m here because of the intensifying (even to me) realization that Wendy has been and continues to be, in so many ways, a pioneer. Read the rest and comment