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Bearclaw as you’ve never seen him before

Here’s a Throwback Thursday treat! Never published before, anywhere, this is Wendy’s first sketch—visually and thematically—of the Wolfriders’ tenth chief.


  1. Awesome! And I love the face with the X across it! :bearclaw:

  2. Awesome!! The top sketch reminds me of Mantricker.

  3. Love this! If Cutter had an evil twin, this would be him! Okay, maybe not EVIL. But definitely less pleasant!

  4. OOO really cool to see the original sketch! Especially like the wee Cutter on his shoulder!! :cool: (I love all the little ElfQuest smileys haha)

  5. Nice and fierce, as usual. Nice to see him so alive here. I always wonder where wolfriders’ spirits dwell in Final Quest. Hopefully, we will see them even though they are not bound to the palace.

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