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Bringing the Discussion Home

For years, there have been two sides to – the news and the social. At long last, we’re bringing them together. From now on, when a news item appears on the home page, you can comment on it right away, directly. In balance, to keep things manageable, we’ve retired the forum. Existing threads are archived as read-only, accessible to all for reference purposes.

Important! You will need to sign up again, to participate. You can pick the same user name, email, password, etc. as before, but the new system doesn’t know who you are, yet.

We look forward to seeing you all as we feed more and more content to the home page – your window to our world!


  1. Here’s to a new day of ElfQuest discussions!

  2. i will admit, i’m a little disappointed to see the forums are gone… i was an active participant (or at least, trying to become more active) in the Dollz forum… i bet that’ll die now, but i AM very glad to see the EQ website getting updated and more advanced! so for my two-cents, i would love some sort of Forum-based discussions on here to be resumed, but i understand the difficulties it brought and that it might never return. i will ALWAYS remain an ElfQuest enthusiast, no matter what! AYOOOOOOOOAH ELFQUEST! 😀

  3. At least I wasn’t on too long to get super used to the site! Love the new layout!

  4. I guess we didn’t use them enough. :(

    Goodbye, forums… you were pretty fun forums.

    Hello, comment threads!

  5. And comments are moderated now? I thought this was supposed to decrease the amount of work for the moderators.

    • Rob

      Rob Beschizza on March 23, 2015

      Just the first time. Once someone’s published a comment, they can post freely.

  6. That makes me feel better. Thanks, Rob.

  7. And now I’m back… from outer space… I just walked in to see y’all here and had to make a new account…

    *chuckle* Seriously, though, glad to see y’all again and even if it’s a headache and a half to see y’all on frikkin WordPress and not be able to use my already-created WordPress account… *deep sigh* Anyway, here’s to the future and getting a copy of Final Quest #8… whenever the darn thing shows up for me…

    • We’re hearing (don’t know if it’s actually true) that some people are able to download the issue from the Dark Horse site as early as this evening! Whenever you get your copy, there’s a discussion thread already up and waiting for you.

    • WordPress is funny that way, I agree. I do hope Final Quest #8 shows up for your quickly! It’s an amazing issue.

  8. Hmmmm. I liked the “old” forum. We could make subjects our own, show and see fanart and all.. is that gone too?
    But I must not be nitt-picking, so first see how this goes!

    And this is ofcourse easier for new visitors to join us in the conversations! :)

  9. Why are my comments awaiting moderation?

    • Everyone’s first comment needs to be moderated – it’s part of the process to filter out spammers and bots. Once you have gotten the initial go-ahead, you’re free to post whenever and wherever.

    • The first comment does. Once someone has published a comment they can comment freely.

  10. TyleetDreams

    TyleetDreams on March 24, 2015

    Well I wish I had done more than lurk when the forums existed…but at least I can get involved now. Excited to be part of the EQ community even though it is changing!

  11. I don’t understand how to navigate here *scratches head* … will this change after the initial comment?

  12. I’m not sold on this so far. Especially because it was so sudden!
    I understand the wish for more simplicity, but I don’t know if this is the best way to go, honestly.
    We’ll have to wait and see how organized this new format is…
    For now I’ll be sticking around and seeing what happens.

  13. *hmms and nods* navigation/ actual discussion does seems rather confusing at the moment, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it will work out.

  14. Change is always difficult, that’s for sure. I administrated a website of close to 20,000 members for 5 years, so I know how consuming it can be in multiple ways. It can take over all of your free time and even encroach on your not-so-free time – all for zero pay. Change always causes distress among established members, mainly because people feel that they have been a part of the process in building something greater than themselves one word at a time. So there are feelings of loss during such events. Having been in both places, I get the reasoning from both sides here. Not that I have any special right to give an opinion, but… hopefully the membership will try to hang on and see how things grow from this point. And hopefully the Admin will hear and understand the very real grief process or even fear on some levels (specifically, the fear of losing contact with individuals that have become familial in the online sense). Yes, even anger born of frustration that can develop from such feelings of loss. EQ does engender a real sense of family among its fans and family members can disagree. Hopefully, with continued and open communication, we’ll all see a way through this period of change. If the membership can take a few minutes to catch their breath again and look for what is positive in the change, and if the Admin can allow some patience and room for grieving, I think we can do it.

  15. I’ll be hanging around to see how it works out. Hopefully the discussions will still be happening and less work for Elf Dad. Look forward to it.

  16. I’m happy I got to change my user name seen as before it had already been taken. Hopefully I’ll manage to avoid the spoilers that aren’t spoilers for most here anymore. The emoticons, are they working here :) or not :( ?

  17. <>

    So well said, @Spirallight. Hear, hear.

  18. I had to check the calender to see if this is April fools, but I guess not. No more fanart, no place to cheer for the good days and to give a shoulder to those who have bad ones. No place to talk about that plane that crashed in France- It may have been a small forum, but it was meaningful to me, and now it’s gone.
    Please, please reconsider, it is not too late.

  19. Also, yes, I can see it was a lot of work. I would have happily and proudly used my time and experience to help out, without expecting anything in return. But this was never asked, never considered, and now small but warm community is replaced by a linear format that does not allow the small discussions about off topic things that gave this place a soul.

  20. *cries* i’m going to miss the forums very much…it was the main reason i came to this website, to discuss stuff with other fans, and i loved the fact it had a thread where Wingthing could let us know when her story was updated, give us little teasers and we could speculate on or praise her for the story.

    i’d like to see the forums come back, as i have no idea how this change is suppose to improve things, other than making news more known to the fans. but i guess i’ll hang around a little bit….

  21. Well I am disappointed that the forum is gone. I will see if there is some other host or place where the Elfquest Dollz can continue…but recommend we might try to use kat/Tynami’s forum.
    Where will the old forum from here as archives be available exactly?

    • In the menu bar, to the right of the options for “read” and “characters” and so on, the “hamburger” icon (three lines) opens when you click on it to show more choices, including the archived forums.

  22. Even though it’s rare that I’ve posted on EQ’s various forum incarnations over the years, I’ve always appreciated their existence. I’ll admit this latest version seemed awkward and unwieldy, and I’m very happy that it will now be easier to discuss topics as they show up here on the home page.

    But doing away with the forum completely seems a bit rash. To me, forums seem to play a very essential role for online communities. They typically exist as a place for fans to play, explore and expand upon this thing they love and form relationships that are otherwise impossible in real life. Reducing discussion to blog-style-commenting is surely easier to read and contain, but if the trade-off for that ease means weakening the community, I can’t see the logic in it.

    It’s rare that creators are involved with their own forums, and I sympathize with the overwhelming duties of maintaining or even simply absorbing the content that’s generated on a daily basis. Forums take on a life of their own, and I believe that’s a good thing. It’s just not good for managing if the manager also happens to be a creator whose skills are best used elsewhere.

    I hope this new experiment turns out to be what you’re hoping for while simultaneously providing what the community needs. If it doesn’t, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if a fan-created and fan-managed forum sprouts on its own.

  23. I wish somebody had told me I should not have bothered with all those smilies. :(

  24. i had just thought of that…forummotion provides free forum servers. perhaps a new Elfquest forum will come up to replace the old one.

    because already yes, i am experiencing resentment to see the forum gone. all we get to talk about is what’s currently going on in elfquest? we no longer get to share our creativity in fanart? i was going to make a new picture for the elves as high ones thread. i’m still not sure what the point of this new change is, other than possibly making things easier on the people who run it.

  25. I really don’t want to go anywhere else, but if this stays as it is I will have no choice. I had some more fanart that I hoped to share, but now I can’t… I’m just gutted, in fact I have cried all day. I’m not against change, change is good. I thought the re-done forum was a big improvement! But now there is no good way for me to share with the new friends I made here. you took something precious from a lonely soul.

  26. i haven’t cried, but i am experiencing some pretty strong heartache. it DOES seem mind boggling that they would update the forum to get it all nice and modern, only to decide to shut it down. why bother updating it at all? perhaps it was a spur of the moment decision, fulled by a few less than savory events i read.

    i agree though. if it comes to that, i will indeed move somewhere else and abandon perhaps…at least there you can still share your fanart. granted there are no specific threads…but i could still continue my recolors, and dress elves as high ones and such forth.

  27. I don’t know what happened…I can only hope mr. Pini changes his mind…

  28. Long-time EQ fan and forum lurker here. I figure I might as well join in if it’s a new forum from scratch. How does one now make those avatar icons? I couldn’t find the link for it anymore on the archived forums page.

    As for the change, well, life and tech is constantly changing. It doesn’t mean that is always better, but it needs to be accepted. This format appears more timeline based like FB, which has it’s downsides such as less off-topic creativity. But current topics will be grouped better. What about searches? I always found that helpful.

    Shade and Sweet Water

  29. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a fan-created and fan-managed forum sprouts on its own.”

    Indeed. Fandom belongs to fans, not to creators. Forums that are neither beholden to the creators nor dependent on them are the best way forward.

  30. Says you. Well, I guess it’s then, unless somebody has a better suggestion. I would still a thousand times rather stay right here.

  31. Connie here! I like this new way the old forums used to log me out all the time. this way looks like I will enjoy it more 😀

  32. It does seem sad that we are no longer able to share our love like we used to on this site.

  33. So Rob is this your opinion or is it actually the official stance that we should go somewhere else if we don’t like it?

  34. Well, I’m in! Typically I’m a lurker, but hoping to get more involved. :-)

  35. Elwing: “So Rob is this your opinion or is it actually the official stance that we should go somewhere else if we don’t like it?”

    I can’t speak for Rob or the creators but actions are louder than words and their actions have made it clear that that’s just the way it is.

    I BELIEVE Rob is saying is that, in general, it really is better if fandom operates without creator oversight, with which I totally agree.

    It’s nice to have direct interaction with W&R and we’ll still get it through these comment threads and whatever official missives they send out, but fan discussion really SHOULD operate independently. It’s more open and more honest that way. We need to feel free to express our opinions of the work, whether or not our opinions match the creators’ intentions. That was not happening in the forums, but it will certainly be able to happen elsewhere. Our opinions, whether critical or praising, will always exist whether or not W&R like what we say. I’m all for a space outside of creator control where we can all speak more freely.

    The sad part is that it’ll be harder for fans to find such a place, since the natural inclination is to look on the official site for a forum, so it was easier to get new people talking when the “way in” was obvious. But fans find a way…

  36. We will. But allow me to mourn. I loved this place, and I invested time and effort in it. I would be happy to do so again, but I feel there is no way.

  37. Thank you for at least keeping the old forum viewable. Please do warn us in advance if you can if that resource will also discontinue being hosted at as there is so much there that I would want to save for myself and other fans. I haven’t asked Tynami if she wants to point to her forum, but I have the URL for that and will continue my EQ doll activity there for the time being, as it would be too painful to stop cold turkey. Tynami, if you read this and want to invite dollers and fans, please post the website address. If not, those who know where to hunt for it should join me there.
    It was a bummer of a birthday present for me that the forum died the day I was born.

  38. “So Rob is this your opinion or is it actually the official stance that we should go somewhere else if we don’t like it?”

    I’m not the official stance. But why not hang around? You’re welcome, and you’re posting, and here we all are.

    If I said you should stay if you don’t like it, wouldn’t that be odd? So the task is to make this smaller, more personal environment of blog-style comments the best it can be.

  39. The forums will remain archived and live in perpetuity. Backups have been saved on the server, in multiple physical locations, and inscribed on titanium disks stored in underground chambers on Svalbard.

  40. Tried to register, but didn’t get an email on my hotmail account. Managed to sign up with my gmail account. (Is the nickname the name that is shown? Had to choose another name to sign up.) Anyway I’m sad that the forum is gone, guess we’ll have to find another place to chat about more than only the latest issues.

  41. Ah I managed to set my public name as Zinegirl :)

  42. I noticed we can fill in a website in the profile but is it possible to check the given websites by other users that made interesting based on Elfquest?

  43. If Dreamcat is still here and she continues her comic I would really like to follow it so if you are, you do and you will, give us a link please? I know I’m not the only one…

  44. NIGHT “I noticed we can fill in a website in the profile but is it possible to check the given websites by other users that made interesting based on Elfquest?”

    The website comes up if you click on the users name 😉

  45. I agree 100% that fandom discussions should be in the hands of fans. But as I continue to say and as many others continue to say, some warning would have been REALLY helpful. Like Elwing, I have been crying and raging and just devastated. Like all our work was for nothing. At least we could have had time to find somewhere else to go. I feel very much like we’ve been guided through the Tunnel of Golden Light only to find ourselves abandoned in the desert. Maybe we’ll find our Sorrow’s End. Maybe not.

    If a fan forum is made, I implore people to use Proboards. I have a TON of experience on PB, it’s very easy, I would be happy to help out any potential admins. I would make the forum myself if Oakleaf didn’t take up so much of my time.

    Night, and anyone else, if you’d like to join us as readers over at, you are more than welcome to. Dreamcat’s comic is based on characters there, so she posts the comic there as well. You do have to create an account to see the comic, but it’s there and I can assure you, she’ll continue to make it.

    I think that’s all I can say for now. I am also not one to cling to old ways for the sake of old ways. I believe in progress. But the way this has all happened has made me feel alienated by the creators, not valued, not cared about, not worth a little warning. We will find our Sorrow’s End…but we need to mourn our holt first. Please let us do that, everyone.

  46. PreypacerSin

    PreypacerSin on March 24, 2015

    The Wolfriders were burned out of the Father Tree holt. They had to live in the desert. While the change was not pleasant at first, they adapted to the Sun Village. They were contained in Blue Mountain. Having the freedom to roam taken away from them, they adapted while there. Thrown into the White Cold with the Troll War, they adapted to living with the Go-Backs. Sunstream adapted to living underwater with Brill. ElfQuest shows that through whatever situation comes up, you have a choice. Adapt to change and continue to live, or battle the changes, as Winnowill did, and let that anger/frustration/hurt fester until it destroys you.

    I know change happens, and it will take getting used to, but thank you for all you have done for us over the years and decades.

  47. I had left the form and just checked in from time-to-time. Some of the topics were getting way off base. I also post pictures and such, but I have them on my computer as well. All the hard work and effort I put in them is still there and I’m ready to post again. There are times that change is good.

  48. Change again… *sigh* Well, let’s try this.

  49. Thank you for 7 good years!

    It’s time for me to move on ….

    If anyone wishes to join, we have had an elf community there for over 2 years now and arms are always welcome for tribemates who wish to join us. Discussions of all kinds are welcome, too.

  50. Wonderrabbit

    Wonderrabbit on March 24, 2015

    Let’s give it a chance packmates before we make an assumption. EQ is EQ no matter where we are.

  51. Зашибись, Пини отожгли!!! No matter, there will be a forum or not, fans will find where to talk. No matter what changes have happened, what else will come, My soul will always be here.

  52. I tried to log on and thought my Grandson changed all the settings on my computer. LOL.
    It’s a bit different, but I’ll get use to it.

  53. Gah! Now to find my old avatar…

  54. Interesting new experience.

  55. I have moved on, and it breaks my heart. I cannot see a future here. I will probably move on from Elfquest all together. I don’t need an interest that so casually crushes my soul.

  56. Some great new avatars I am seeing!

  57. i believe i’m going to have to move on as well, and ignore, except for the online comics.

    i came here to discuss elfquest with other fans…and this feels entirely too restricting. now we can only really discuss current news and share nothing of ourselves except our opinions relating to what the topic is. i will check back occassionally in the hopes more people will post links to a new elfquest forum. it’s been fun.

    i hope someday, maybe…the official elfquest forums will make a come back.

  58. Ah, well. It happened _again_.

    This is a way to kill a community.

    Change all interfaces, handling and so on about every year. Introduce features that are less usable and remove some that were good. Next step will be tiles design, right?

    Sometimes, something that just works is good and does not need to be changed. Especially not for the sake of changing things.

    This was a central place for people to get hooked up to EQ but all this sudden changes without announcement, the removal of well visited forums… I have no clue what kind of borderline behavior that is supposed to be. But it sucks.

    I guess people will split up their online presence to holts, eqfanart and other places – like a crystal palace that bursts into shards… right?

    Some of us have been here since the dawn of time. For me it might have been since some day 2000+ and I am fed up with all those changes. People having to recreate everything. I don’t need this waste of energy, my life is stressful enough.

  59. Yeah, if you’re collecting user experience feedback, this new format is not fun and does not lead to easy discussion.

  60. Elfmom here: Good day to you Elfquesters! How nice it is to be doing something resembling a “WendyWords” after all this while! Nothing like cleaning house and paring down the clutter to help new doors open and new ideas flow. The new Elfquest home page has been up only a couple of days now and already I can tell I’m going to have fun participating once again. In fact, I’ve already come up with some ideas for blog posts I want to make in the coming days – about working on Final Quest issue #9, about how it feels to be working on EQ “the old-fashioned way” Richard and I used to in the beginning, about how the characters may react – well or badly – to the changes that are going to crop up in their lives. Stay tuned!

  61. Sounds fun, and I look forward to reading, Wendy, but calling a vibrant online community that’s been around for 10+ years and into which a lot of people have formed close friendships and poured in a lot of creative energy and passion, calling that “clutter”? Ouch.

  62. There were a lot of great discussions in the last forum and that was primarily the main reason I finally decided to sign up. This new way does seem pretty controlled and somewhat …well, sterile, actually.

    Maybe some adjustments will be made to actually integrate some of the new with the old. I hope we don’t abandon the old way completely 😉

  63. Content from Wendy is one of the few reasons I would continue to keep the main EQ site something I check often. I know facebook is the more popular destination, but seeing posts from WaRP here seems like a no-brainer, IMHO.

    I read the new issue last night. When is the next one due out? The forum posts kept me informed when previews were available…I hope someone will continue that notice so I don’t have to search high and low.

    I believe this format isn’t nearly as conducive to focusing fans and sharing resources.
    Admittedly it was a “time sink”, for everyone. Fans spending so much time speaks to how much we all love Elfquest. I understand how monitoring and Admin and server duties would be a drain. I just wonder if the streamline approach is any better really.
    Someone still must keep away (the wrong kind of “internet”) trolls. Every Holt needs shaping and care to maintain.

    I wonder if there is a way in this new format to private message? I also wonder if all the images I and others hosted on the next to last incarnation of the forum (used to be a social space to upload photos direct to an EQ server) are gone or if I could bother someone to get them somehow for my reposting elsewhere. I didn’t back them up personally because I trusted the site as a host (& my access is all over the place).

    I know my fan activity isn’t a vital issue to anyone but me. I do appreciate any time anyone can donate to even answering my query.

    For anyone who cares to know, I’m still doing EQ dollz on Tynami’s website.
    I think I’ll wind up reposting fanfiction elsewhere eventually too. I hope to see and read and enjoy the fan input of others too.


    • Thanks for your positivity as we all adjust to the new way of things, Nightsea. To answer your questions:

      1. Issue #9 of Final Quest is out on May 27th. There is a link right on the homepage here to order ElfQuest from TFAW (in the box right below the banner image) that will give you release dates of any new EQ issue. You can also bookmark the Dark Horse website too. Here’s the info on issue #9:

      2. The old forum is archived and available for any one to view and go in and save any images or text you posted there (copy and paste for text, right click for images). You should always save your original work to your own computer so you’re sure to always have a backup copy.

      3. There is not a private messaging option in the new comment system here.

      4. Thanks for posting about Tynami’s website — it’s great to see folks creating and managing their own online communities centered around ElfQuest, focused on their particular interests. Do you want to post the URL to that site for folks to see?

  64. I just want to say that when Cutter decided to move the Palace, out of consideration for his tribe, he gave them fair warning. They didn’t just wake up one morning to find it had already happened. I’m just being honest here– I felt disrespected, as a fan, by this, and in all honesty it made me feel less positive about this whole fandom thing.

    So now that that is off my chest, I’m going to put on my big-girl panties and deal with it. I was happy to obtain and read the latest issue, enjoyed it and was intrigued, and will be posting about it soon.

  65. Thanks, Thornbrake for the info. re: the issue dates for FQ.

    As for your point #2…The images I meant are the ones NOT archived in the last version of the forum, but rather the ones from the incarnation before that one…
    there was, for a time, a place on the EQ server itself to upload. I had asked Rob/forum admins to help on that issue before this last forum died even because all the links to the images were dead (& still are). What it means is that I have lost a large portion of the dolls I’ve made. Period. I did not, can’t and couldn’t at the time save them. I don’t have a computer with internet access at home like most folks. I sometimes managed to save things to thumb drives, but not always. Usually, once I uploaded into either photobucket or that was the only place the images were saved. It is my loss, and I also have big girl pants to pull on. But it is a shame and if anything could be done to find them I would love it. My email address is Nightsea at gmail if anyone cares to help (or just say hi).

    #3 is a bummer, cause I would have spared everyone reading the trivia above if I could reply to just Rob &/or Thornbrake. PMs are good.

    #4 Tynami’s website…where I did post a new doll already and which WILL be the official home of my dolls and anyone else from the EDA who wants to join now or in future is to be found at:
    Just come look if you don’t want to post. :)

    Yeah, warning so things can be saved is important. I feel like a Wolfrider who has fled a burning holt. Our little Sorrow’s End awaits.

  66. If it’s not live on the forums now, but was live on them after we switched to the new software a couple of years ago, they were probably wiped out in the hack from a few months back. It was particularly insidious hack because it didn’t bring the site down, it just quietly replaced old threads and files with spam.

    Though we had regular backups of the forum database and could recover all the posts and comments, the files themselves were gone. The ones that were recovered — most but not all — were gotten from the Internet Archive.

    Update: if they were from the 2010-2013 “social network” forums and disappeared with the switch to the current forums, I’m afraid those are likely gone too. They were in a proprietary third-party setup that offered no migration tools. It was exceedingly difficult to even recover the forum text.

  67. Taking a look through the raw text of those threads, it looks like many of the broken images were actually uploaded to MSN groups and a site called

    Of those that were uploaded to directly, you might be able to find them at, which archived some images from

    Unfortunately many of them are duplicates of one another, but it might be worth a look.

  68. Thank you for taking the time to look, Rob!

    The MSN/mossgreen things are not mine. I also tried the wayback machine, but it looks like, since mine were actually “from the 2010-2013 “social network” forums and disappeared with the switch to the current forums” that they are as you say, sadly just gone. That’s years of my laborious tinkering gone poof.
    What was the third party? Did they offer image hosting? Backups? Maybe there is some way I might contact them and ask?
    Anyway, it was just fanart based on other art. It had a moment in the sun before it melted like snow.
    Thinking Spring,

  69. Oh in the first few pages of the dollz thread I see what you meant about the MSN/mossgreen links…they were mine, the oldest dollz I ever made. Those have been gone for ages. It was the ones from 2010-2013 that I miss. Also notice I can’t edit my last post to just fix this…must be a time limit? Or you can only edit if you don’t ever log out?

  70. There is a 15 minute time limit to edit comments.

  71. I think retiring the forum works well in the aspect of getting people to comment the actual posts on, which hardly anyone did before.
    Its also sensible as it is probably somewhat less work without maintaining the forum?

    With that said, I really really miss the forum and its openess, and I think it is very sad that several of the members who were logged in daily have left for good.

  72. Does anyone know how I can access my private messages, to retrieve some important information?

  73. I signed in only to find out there’s no forum anymore?


  74. Thank you!

  75. Is it possible to get my private messages too, please?

  76. You should be able to log in and read them the usual way: try logging in (with your old forum credentials) at

  77. Thank you for the link, Rob. It helped a lot!

  78. :clearbrook: Clearbrook
    There is one question I’ve always had about Clearbrook in Seige at Blue Mountain story arc. The scene where Cutter is sending to the other Wolfriders after telling Winnie to let them call their tribesmen. Clearbrook is being held prisoner by two Gliders. Her hair is up in an elaborate hairstyle. I always wondered why she was separated like that and why the new hairstyle? Just curious.

  79. Hello fellow traveler’s! I haven’t read through all of the comments, but I was wondering if there is going to be a revised Complete Quest volume 1? I just recently bought this and noticed that there are some pages missing. Is this also the first printings from the comics?
    Thanks for any information and hopefully this isn’t to confusing.

  80. Ohey, it’s all WordPress now! Guess you didn’t figure out to Bridge the forum software and WP then? Old problem, no solution. I know all about it. 😉 Anyway a site should only have one user system, so – I don’t mind.

    Finding old posts in the forums is a bitch when you’re not able to log in though… I lived my life on those forums in the early 2000’s. I should have started saving stuff when it was easy to search. It’s like a diary gone missing X)

  81. Haven’t been here in many turns of the seasons. I was expecting to see a familiar forum setup. This seems a bit…odd.

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