ElfQuest Makes Vulture’s “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics”

ElfQuest’s latest accolade comes from New York magazine’s Vulture website, which just released its list of “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics.” The page that made the list is from the Original Quest issue #17–yes, the infamous orgy scene before the Wolfriders and Go-Backs go into battle with the Frozen Mountain trolls. Vulture had this […]

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Watch Wendy Pini Draw ElfQuest on SYFY WIRE

SYFY WIRE has released a wonderful video of ElfQuest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini drawing the series’ main character, Cutter. Watch below as Wendy describes her drawing style, manga influence on her ElfQuest work, tips she learned from Jack Kirby and Boris Vallejo and much more.

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Listen to Episode 37 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

We’ve arrived at the final issue of the Final Quest and with it the conclusion of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey. With this episode,  Ryan’s original vision for the podcast to chronicle each issue of the Final Quest series has been fulfilled. Pour a glass of dreamberry wine, grab some tissues, and join Ryan and David […]

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Three New ElfQuest Designs for Apparel, Prints and More

  Three new designs have been added to the ElfQuest Redbubble Shop to celebrate the conclusion of the Final Quest and the completion of Cutter Kinseeker’s Hero’s Journey. Pick your favorite design–or all three of them–to be custom-printed on clothing, framed prints, smartphone and tablet covers, mugs, clocks, stickers and dozens of other items by Redbubble. […]

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What to Expect at “Forty Years of Pointed Ears” Tour Appearances

With Wendy and Richard Pini's "Forty Years of Pointed Ears" 2018 tour in full swing, fans have questions about how things will work "on site." I've attended lots of appearances with them, and I can share some observations on how things generally go.

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ElfQuest Writer Joellyn Auklandus on The Final Quest’s Conclusion

Joellyn Auklandus, writer on ElfQuest’s “Kahvi,” “Hidden Years” and “Wild Hunt” series and creator of characters such as Lehrigen and Teir, shares her heartfelt thoughts on the conclusion of the Final Quest. SPOILERS below for issue 24 of the Final Quest. And so it is . . . the last issue is out, the end […]

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A Heartfelt Thank You

The door to Feels-ville swings both ways. We are just now returned to Los Angeles after a week-long, 2500-mile road trip. First stop was a packed signing at the Portland, Oregon Things From Another World comic shop, to celebrate the release of “Elfquest – Final Quest” #24, the concluding chapter of Cutter’s forty-year hero’s journey. […]

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Watch SYFY Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini

Wendy and Richard Pini were interviewed by SYFY for their livestream at Emerald City Comic Con. If you missed it, click through to watch the whole interview.

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Wendy and Richard Pini Conclude ElfQuest, Launch Appearance Tour and Exclusive Social Media Giveaway

AFTER 40 YEARS, WENDY AND RICHARD PINI HAVE ANNOUNCED THE CONCLUSION OF THE LONGEST RUNNING AMERICAN FANTASY COMIC BOOK SERIES - ELFQUEST. Following the release of the final issue on February 28, the Pinis will embark on a Year-Long “40 Years of Pointed Ears” appearance tour. Celebration to include exclusive social media giveaway.

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The Final Issue of
“ElfQuest – The Final Quest” is Here

The final issue of “ElfQuest – The Final Quest” is here, and with it comes the completion of the epic Hero’s Journey of Cutter Kinseeker, the Blood of Ten Chiefs, introduced by Wendy and Richard Pini on this very day forty years ago.   Get the issue from your local comics shop, order it from TFAW or download it from Dark […]

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Final Quest 24 – See Preview and Press Release

Dark Horse Comics has released an exclusive four-page preview of issue 24 of the Final Quest, along with a press release celebrating the End of the Quest. The full issue will be released in comics shops and online on February 28.

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Listen to Episode 36 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

The Final Quest draws ever closer to its conclusion. In this episode, Ryan and David tackle issue #23, an emotional rollercoaster with heart and heartbreak in equal measure and the penultimate chapter of the saga. They discuss Windkin’s lethal work, Dewshine’s threat, Dart’s full circle, Two-Edge’s valor, the Go-Backs’ armor, Treestump’s dream, the mystery of […]

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Wendy Pini Featured in New Book on History of Comic Shops

A new book by Dan Gearino called Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture explores the evolution of the comics direct market and modern American comics shops, both of which were important to the success of Elfquest in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The first edition of the Original Quest (published […]

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How Elfquest made me a better man

Lisa Murakami posted a letter to the Elfquest Facebook Page about sharing Elfquest with her 7-year-old son. Male role-models in media are still grossly lacking (or just gross), and Elfquest’s men make more sense to her. … he LOVES [the books] just as much as I did. And one thing I’ve noticed about them is […]

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Get the 2018 ElfQuest Fan Art Calendar

The ElfQuest 2018 Fan Art Calendar is here! Featuring thirteen fan-created illustrations–one for each month, plus the cover–the theme this year is “Entirely Ekuar.” Order yours today from the ElfQuest Redbubble Store.

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Penultimate Issue: Final Quest 23 is Here

  The penultimate issue in the ultimate Elfquest series–Final Quest 23–is here! His forces decimated by Cutter’s fierce warrior tribe, the fanatical human commander presses on, risking all to destroy the elves in their forest lair. Lives are lost on both sides. To stop the bloodshed, Cutter’s adopted human daughter Shuna risks more than even […]

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Sonny Strait – Some Reflections as
“Final Quest” Colorist

Sonny Strait, voice actor extraordinaire and accomplished artist, shares his thoughts on the last four years as colorist on ElfQuest: Final Quest. 

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See Preview of Final Quest 23

Dark Horse Comics has released an exclusive four-page preview of issue 23 of the Final Quest via Bleeding Cool. The full issue will be released in comics shops and online on December 27. See the full preview here.

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Two New ElfQuest Graphic Novels in 2018

Dark Horse Comics has announced two new ElfQuest graphic novels for 2018. The Complete ElfQuest Volume 5 continues the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. With Cutter leading his warriors against the human warlord Grohmul Djun, his chief-daughter Ember takes her tribemates far away into unknown lands, where she pits her skills and courage against new […]

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Dark Horse Comics Releases ElfQuest 40th Anniversary Ashcan

  Dark Horse Comics has released a special ElfQuest 40th anniversary “ashcan” promotional issue featuring special articles, tribe and character summaries, story chronology, and more. They have shipped a limited number of copies of this special publication to comics retailers for free distribution to promote ElfQuest, and will also be giving copies away at conventions […]

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