Dark Horse Comics Releases ElfQuest 40th Anniversary Ashcan

  Dark Horse Comics has released a special ElfQuest 40th anniversary “ashcan” promotional issue featuring special articles, tribe and character summaries, story chronology, and more. They have shipped a limited number of copies of this special publication to comics retailers for free distribution to promote ElfQuest, and will also be giving copies away at conventions […]

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Wendy Pini Featured in “She Makes Comics” Documentary

ElfQuest co-creator Wendy Pini is prominently featured in the documentary She Makes Comics, newly available on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. The film tells the little-known story of women in comics, highlighting the contributions they have made to the medium since the latter years of the 20th century as readers, creators, editors, and publishers. Wendy gets much-deserved […]

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Cover Art for Final Quest Issue 24 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover of Final Quest issue 24, the final issue in the series. Learn more about this milestone issue in this Comic Book Resources exclusive. The grand finale! What words can possibly do justice to this, the grand finale to the greatest ElfQuest series of them all? Forty years in the planning […]

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Listen to Special Double-Episode ElfQuest Show Podcast

Issue #22 of the Final Quest is a pivotal issue not only in the Final Quest series but in the entire 40-year-old ElfQuest saga–so much so that it took David and Ryan two episodes to discuss it. They talk Yun’s character development, the significance of High Winds Holt, the WaveDancers’ newfound purpose, Old Maggoty’s choice, the birth […]

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Richard Pini Interviewed on The AngryGeeks Show

Richard Pini recently attended Bing Comic-Con and did an interview with The AngryGeeks Show. Watch the interview below for Richard’s unique perspective on ElfQuest, including his definitive answer to questions about the ElfQuest movie.  

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New ElfQuest Show Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Comixology Panel

In this special episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast, David interviews Comixology’s Tia Vasiliou, a long-time fan who helped put together the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel entitled “ElfQuest: An Intimate Conversation with Wendy and Richard Pini.” Download the episode or listen to it below to hear how this panel came to be, what questions […]

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New Issue: Final Quest 22 is Here

THE TIME HAS COME. All over the World of Two Moons, elves are making their final choices, to stay or to go back to the Star Home with the Palace of the High Ones.

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Preview of Final Quest Issue 22

Dark Horse Comics has released three pages of issue 22 of ElfQuest: Final Quest. The full issue is out on October 25 in comics shops, from TFAW, and digitally from Dark Horse Digital and Comixology.

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Cover Art of Final Quest 23 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover and issue synopsis for Final Quest issue 23. Things are heating up in the Holt in the penultimate issue of Final Quest! SPOILER ALERT.

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New Elfquest tees, and more!

Check out these new designs, available exclusively through the Elfquest store on Redbubble.

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Party in the Holt

There’s no party like an ElfQuest party, so don’t miss out on the celebration. Get the latest design today – you know you’re going to want it for 2018’s 40th anniversary festivities – and start dancing like no one is watching! Available exclusively at our ElfQuest Redbubble Shop.

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New Issue: Final Quest 21 is Here

Issue 21 of Final Quest is here! Sometimes paths meet, and sometimes they diverge. On the World of Two Moons, both are happening–can nothing stop the process? Human warriors who have invaded the Wolfriders’ land press ever closer to the sacred Father Tree, bringing death. The ancient Glider called Door presses closer and closer to his […]

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Watch San Diego Comic-Con Panel “Countdown to Final Quest”

If you couldn’t attend San Diego Comic-Con this year, here’s the video of the “Elfquest – Countdown to Final Quest” panel where Wendy Pini, Richard Pini, and David Mizejewski hold forth on what’s been for nearly 40 years, and what’s coming in 2018. Special thanks to Lawrence Brenner and Zack Giallongo for recording the panel.

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Preview of Final Quest issue 21

Here’s a teaser of issue number 21 of ElfQuest: The Final Quest. This one has some major revelations, so we are giving an extra spoiler alert this time! Throughout the entirety of ElfQuest, Cutter and Skywise have been ”brothers in all but blood.” Now the Stargazer must make an inescapable choice–remain on the World of […]

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Cover Art of Final Quest 22 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art and teaser synopsis for issue 22 of Final Quest: Only three issues left to go in the Final Quest story, and the peril ramps up to levels never before reached in ElfQuest. Out on the open waters, the Wavedancers renew their efforts to keep the seas free […]

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Line of Beauty review: “Stunning biography of Wendy Pini”

“Line of Beauty – the Art of Wendy Pini” has been out for a few weeks, and it has just received its best review yet. Wendy Pini is most famous for Elfquest, but her artistic career spans fifty years of pop culture history, from weird lowbrow surrealism to yaoi pastiche. Line of Beauty isn’t just […]

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ElfQuest makes NPR’s 100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels list

Summer is a great time for reading, especially comics and graphic novels. You can color us proud to be included in the list of NPR book’s 100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels. Scroll down and find us in the Fantasy and Science Fiction section. “Elfquest is kind of a legend in the comics industry — […]

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Elfquest gets shout-out from NPR Books

ElfQuest got a nice shout-out on NPR (National Public Radio) Books’ Tumblr feed: Whooo, it’s Friday Reads!  And sometimes I really love the juxtapositions that pop up when people tell me their picks. For example, I am bingeing on Wendy & Richard Pini’s epic self-published comic Elfquest, which got tons of votes in our summer reader poll […]

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Listen to Episode 32 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Final Quest #20 is here and it’s party time in Father Tree Holt. The impending threat of gun-wielding humans doesn’t stop the elves from celebrating a new lifemating and a surprise Recognition. With Ryan off on vacation, David and special guest hosts Lisa Lannen and Katie La Salle-Lowry discuss these joyous events, plus the handing […]

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Share your ElfQuest love

Back by popular demand, this exuberantly classic ElfQuest design is a great way to show your love for the World of Two Moons. Get yours, on a variety of items, at our Redbubble store.

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