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Complete Elfquest now available in German


This just in from Germany (aka a real “Deutsche” treat)! It’s a beautiful hardcover, containing the first half of the Dark Horse “Complete EQ” volume 1. German-speaking fans, let us know how Popcom (Tokyopop in Germany) did with the translation.

You can buy this edition here.

Get the English version here.

To find out more about other foreign translations, read here.


  1. Yay, I own the german Books because I am an Austrian. They are great to read!
    But what I want know ist the original Names of the Wolves of Redlance and One-Eye.

  2. tomatorevolution on August 5, 2015

    I was seriously crying when i saw the german book on sale at a convention. I read the comics when i was a child and i’ve loved it ever since. A friend just showed me this site and now i am going to catch up on everything our library didn’t have in stock back then :)
    Anyways, Tokyopop did a great job (they almost always do) and i am so happy it’s out! Thanks a lot for that!

  3. Smallflower, One-Eye’s wolf was Smoketreader and Redlances was Firecoat.

  4. Hi Smallflower, I`m also Austrian, nice to meet you! I have a lot of old issues in German but I have yet to purchase this one!

  5. Thanks THORNBRAKE
    Und hallo Kaija2015.
    Hey muste jetzt allerdings festellen das im zweiten Band der deutschen Ausgabe etwas am Hintergrund in einem Panel verändert wurde zumindest kommt es mir so vor.

  6. It’s a beautiful edition and it has a quite different feel to it, because of the original black and white drawings. Years ago, when I discovered Elfquest, it was all in colours – the story hasn’t lost any of its strength and beauty to me. I hope there will be many new readers who discover it these days and maybe we will be able to see some older and some of the never published stories in German, too, leading up to the Final Quest now … Thanks for sharing :)

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