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Complete ElfQuest Volume 3 is Here


The latest volume in Dark Horse Comics’ Complete ElfQuest series is here!

Volume 3 continues the story of Cutter and the Wolfriders and collects ElfQuest: Hidden Years #1-5 reprinted in full color as it was originally published; ElfQuest: Hidden Years #8-9.5; and the entire ElfQuest: Dreamtime series. The more than 400 page trade paperback includes a cover gallery and commentary from Wendy and Richard Pini themselves.

The folks at TFAW have written a great review with more details about the book.

Wendy had this to say:

The care that’s been put into this collection is astounding. Excellent color reproduction. And “Dreamtime’s” gray tones especially benefit from soft and subtle gradations that support the overall dreamlike mood of the interwoven tales. I’m delighted with this latest ElfQuest love from Dark Horse.

Pick it up at your local comics shop, book store, or order it from TFAW or get it digitally for Amazon Kindle or Dark Horse Digital.

Copies signed by Wendy and Richard Pini are available right here in the ElfQuest Shop.



  1. The color of the first half looks great, but why wasn’t the whole thing printed in color as it was originally?

    • The stories in this book weren’t all originally printed in color. In fact, most of ElfQuest was originally published in black and white. Dreamtime first appeared in black and white with lovely gray tones that don’t lend themselves to after-the-fact coloring. The first five issue of Hidden Years were the first stories to be published in full color, and that is how they are best presented. Because of this, Dark Horse Comics decided to make an exception to the black and white format of their Complete ElfQuest omnibus graphic novel series. Hidden Years 8-9.5 did originally appear in color, but this is the first time the are presented in their crips and clean inks. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; many enjoy black and white art as much as color. One isn’t better than the other.

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