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There are several different ways that you can get in touch with Warp Graphics, both online and in ways less “virtual.”

Online — Email addresses

Richard Pini, original co-creator of Elfquest and Editor-in-Chief at Warp Graphics, is available at rpini @ Comments, letters, suggestions and questions are welcome. Though we read every letter that arrives, we cannot promise individual replies. (On the home page there’s an easy form for you to subscribe to our free Yahoo email newsletter. News and announcements get posted there as soon as we have them.

Please note that Wendy Pini, by choice, uses her computer only for script writing and artwork production. However, all email sent for her will be forwarded; use the rpini @ address.

Any email about Elfquest comics or books or stories can be sent to elfquest @

If you have problems or comments about the online site itself, send your email to webmaster @

Email regarding online orders that you’ve placed, or that doesn’t fit into one of the above categories should go to elfquest @

Finally, a note about file attachments to email: Please be considerate when sending images. Keep individual images to a reasonable size, and if you’re sending a large number of them, spread them out over several emails or zip them into an archive. Better yet, upload them to an image hosting site (such as Photobucket) and email us the link.

Offline (in other words, snailmail)

Warp Graphics’ postal mail address is:

Warp Graphics
2600 South Road – Suite 44-242
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


  1. Green-Amber

    Green-Amber on May 18, 2015

    To whom may read this:

    I’m hoping that maybe one of the Pini(s) will, but it’s all good in the end. Tried to email, but my silly computer doesn’t recognize the email addresses for this site. I’m sure you get tons of comments like this. I have read EQ since I was seven years old and discovered the 2nd issue of the original quest in an ice cream shop. I was so mad that the staff wouldn’t let me look at the comic with my ice cream cone. I wanted to know what was wrong with the poor, red-haired elf on the cover and begged my mother for the comic book. I won because I got the comic and a story that captivated me ever since. I am grown, getting older, and feeling wiser since your stories made me question who I wanted to be and how I wanted to treat others. You made me want to help people with differences and now I work with people with disabilities. Thank you for being a part of one of the lessons that made me who I am.

    I have every book and every special. I am sad to see this story coming to an eventual end, but things in life do that. I do have one question. Will Chot being making an appearance in the final loop of the story. I don’t know why he touches my heart so much, but there seems to be something about that Go-Back. I hope to see him find his own, but that is a story for you and not me to tell. Not begging. Just asking. Thank you for my childhood since EQ played one of the biggest parts.

    Know that you and all that work(ed) on EQ are much appreciated.

    Sincerely and with much love,
    Amber Miller

    • Better late than never, eh? We did finally read your kind comment, and thank you very much! (Here’s the thing: With all the social media channels available all the time, it’s easy for us to overlook comments, even if they come in directly to the official Elfquest web site. Every so often, we try to make a complete sweep of the entire barking mess. Sooner or later, we will catch up on everything, rest assured!)

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