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Cover Art of Final Quest #16 Revealed

Final Quest 16

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art of issue #16 of the Final Quest, which will be out on September 28, 2016.  Here’s the preview spoilers:

“The invading human army lands. Now all the elves must pull together to defend the ancestral home of the Wolfriders. Their most potent weapon, the Palace of the High Ones, will not—cannot—be used, even in self-defense. And Cutter, seemingly restored, suddenly realizes he has a new quest: to seek the one being in the world who can right an ancient wrong.”

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  1. “Cutter, seemingly restored…”

    Oh, I now want #15 even MORE…

  2. Now, now. As If Cutter going mad and humans invading the holt were not enough trouble! Winowill always use the best (worst?) moment to pop out of Rayek’s control. If Ekuar and Two-Edge are not able to contain her this time, she going to run amok :/

  3. Umm….Does Two-Edge ever put that tool down? :rofl:

  4. Er… I just notice that Ekuar’s ear is severed! He almost looks like he is human. Is that new or was it done back when he was prisonner of the mountain trolls?!

  5. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on June 23, 2016

    According to the this page and the one after, it looks like it’s a case of a “migrating ear”. It seems almost certain that it’s the work of the trolls, but this is the Pinis we’re dealing with…

  6. StarGazer27

    StarGazer27 on July 4, 2016

    So excited!!! Hoping for some Tyleet!!!!!

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