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Cover Art of Final Quest 23 Revealed

Dark Horse Comics has released the cover and issue synopsis for Final Quest issue 23. Things are heating up in the Holt!  SPOILER ALERT.

The penultimate issue in the ultimate Elfquest series! His forces decimated by Cutter’s fierce warrior tribe, the fanatical human commander presses on, risking all to destroy the elves in their forest lair. Lives are lost on both sides. To stop the bloodshed, Cutter’s adopted human daughter Shuna risks more than even she realizes. Should she fail, the price will be war everlasting among the native humans, the elves, and the Djunsland invaders. Must Wolfrider chief Cutter, having fulfilled his bond with High One Timmain, now witness the utter destruction of all that has brought him to this fateful moment?

The issue is out December 27 in comics shops, from TFAW and digitally on Dark Horse Digital and Comixology.


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  1. Chieftess White Eagle

    Chieftess_White_Eagle on October 24, 2017


    So we’re indeed coming to the end of The Quest, are we?

    And a most explosive end it will be, I think.

    Yes, ’twill be sad for those of us who have ridden with the Wolfriders, the Go-Backs and our favorite elves and Trolls, but alas, all good things must have their end.

    And really, as long as Cutter, Leetah, Skywise, the Wolfriders and The Quest live on in the hearts us, their loyal fans and human packmates, it will never, ever TRULY end.

    Shade and Sweetwater, and may we say with the Wolfriders……….


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