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Cover Art of Final Quest Issue 19 is Released


Dark Horse Comics has released the cover art for issue 19 of the Final Quest. The issue is available on March 22.

Here’s the issue synopsis (SPOILER ALERT):

“Seemingly healed at long last, Wolfrider chief Cutter returns, with his rescuers, to the Father Tree. But the rejoicing is tempered by news that the invading Djunslander army has met and engaged the native Iceholt human tribes—who have never before encountered the murderous power of firearms. Meanwhile, in the long-abandoned ruins of the Sun Village, the search is on for a long-lost talisman that could spell doom for all the elves dwelling in the Palace of the High Ones!”


  1. OH! The Sun Village. Sarazhan or something like that, is what’s it’s called in the future and is forbidden to go to by the future humans. Hmmm…and the plot thickens.

  2. Loving this cover. Shuna , Shenshen and Kimo. Cutter watching over his adopted daughter. Loving Shuna’s staff.

  3. Just noticed the bee symbol on Shuna’s staff. So sad and sweet!

  4. Little Place is the talisman? Some sort of connection between the big and little palace could result in meddling?

  5. Seems some stuff is gonna go down. I have a feeling Shenshen will grow to something she’s never been before.

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