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Dark Horse and Comixology

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As many of you may have already heard, Dark Horse has come to Comixology.

We are very happy for Dark Horse and are happy to let you all know that currently, three Elfquest books are now availabe on Comixology. Check them out today!


  1. Well, my question is: Is it/will it be possible to synchronise my Comixology and my Dark Horse accounts, so I can access all my Dark Horse purchases from either? I know that they have such an arrangement with Marvel, but I couldn’t find anything similar here. I’ve got too many Elfquest purchases in my Dark Horse account to switch over now.

  2. why are there no colors in “the complete elfquest”? Is there any way of buying it in color? I would love so much to have the whole thing, but they only sold it in black and white at Outland. Is it because it is to be original, and the original did not have color?

    • Yes. These stories were originally published in black and white, and the art was drawn to be black and white. Plus, Dark Horse wanted to put out very affordable omnibus editions of the original quests to make it as easy as possible for readers, both old and new, to get copies of this long out of print material.

      If you’d like Dark Horse to publish these tales in color, let them know by emailing them at elfquest@darkhorse.com.

      The first Final Quest graphic novel IS in color (because the art was originally done in color). You can order that here: http://amzn.to/1r7wS4l

  3. I’m really happy that now in Italy there is finally the first book! I waited for three years and i couldn’t believe it was the true one when i saw it before Christmas day!

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