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Elfquest cosplay photo gallery

Elfquest’s had a strong cosplaying community since the series was first published in 1978. Over the years, the cosplay we’ve seen has grown, and we’re always happy to see the creations each fan comes up with.

We wish we could showcase each and every cosplay—and do or best to showcase every one on Twitter and Facebook. But rest assured, there’s so much out there that a search the internet will always reveal more. Presented here are just a few recent efforts—a taste of what we have seen.


Vintage Elfquest cosplay. Anyone know these fantastic faces?

ElfQuest Camp 2013-48

A group of friends took an Elfquest camping trip! [via]


Young Newstar [via]


Jade Kiss as Leetah [via]

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.38.43 PM

Even Eyes-High and Rainsong were represented at DragonCon 2009. [photo by LJinto]


With over 600 characters, it’s no surprise we haven’t seen every character (yet) but even Yun has been cosplayed.[via]


Even back in 1984, Elfquest cosplayers had game! [via]


It’s not just the elves either! Trolls! [via]

And preservers too! [via]


  1. ​​​​Moonshade Final Quest​

  2. Left to Right: Brill by Damson Breet Deet, Richard, Wendy, Pike by Rob Beschizza, Krim by Heather Beschizza, taken at New York Comic-Con 2013 by me.

  3. @LLANNEN I just love your Moonshade even more each time I see it.

  4. Aw..thanks. I do need to do another cosplay though, I may do another Moonshade outfit but have considered Nightfall! Need more time for sewing for me but right now, have to work on an outfit for my daughter-she wants to be a character from Ever After!

  5. ​Here are the three costumes I have done thus far. :grin:

  6. oops forgot to post my final quest Ember​

  7. Oh, I certainly recognize Bearclaw in the first pic….that’s ME!

    1984 WorldCon in Anaheim, CA…a couple of months before I entered the USAF. Bear was real…head-fur was a wig.

    Funny story about meeting Joyleaf (Robyn Meadows). She’d been in the main costume contest, and I went to the photo area after it was done to try and meet her.

    I’m standing — in costume — at the end of the gauntlet of photogs…she sees me…makes a beeline for me…takes my hand and says “Whether you want to or not, you’re stuck with me for the rest of the convention.”

    Then someone calls out “Bearclaw and Joyleaf!” and we reenacted the back cover pose from one of the early issues…I’m STILL trying to blink the flashbulbs out of my eyes!

    If I’d never gone to that con, I would’ve never met the woman (though a Star Trek writing club I joined shortly afterwards) who’s been the air I breathe ever since.

  8. Btw….the Tyldak from 1984 might be Seth Bonder…although I’m NOT entirely sure if that IS Seth. I remember him as a bit thinner…face doesn’t seem to be right either.

    ‘Course Seth was at 84 WorldCon…the pic in this thread might be from a different con altogether.

  9. Wow, Spaz, that’s great! I would LOVE to see a before-and-after-shot! As in: Bearclaw 30 years later.

  10. i cosplayed as Final Quest Special Moonshade back in 2013, when i got to attend Convolution and meet Wendy and Richard! i was four months pregnant with my now-2-year-old son, Tam, so i was a bit pudgy, and i ran out of prep-time that morning, so it wasn’t my best attempt (i had better practice runs at home prior to the event!), but it was either get the cosplay right or miss out on meeting Wendy and Richard… and there was NO WAY i was going to miss that! so i did what i could in the short prep-time i got that morning.

    i still have the cosplay, and one of these days i’m going to get it out and get better pics in the woods around my house! i also have a new Moonshade cosplay that i’m working on right now, and should have finished before too much longer. i can’t wait to put it on and get some pics to share! AYOOOOAH!! :moonshade:

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