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The misfit trolls return to battle the eager Go-Backs, to the delight of Two-Edge, who forms an astonishing alliance. Meanwhile, Rayek hungers to partake of the increased magical power of those who dwell within the Palace. But Cutter’s greatest concern is Angrif Djun’s massive war fleet, which seeks to crush all elves and their allies.

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(Thanks Stefan Gerritsen)

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  1. So excited for this to come out. My questions…

    Is Cutter actually aware of the fleet and how does he get this intel (IS it his greatest concern or SHOULD it be)?

    Where are all the Go-back fawns? I thought they always had a bunch.

    I speculated here last issue that Sunstream might be making more of a sacrifice than anyone was aware of by sending out the call, while Savah doesn’t seem concerned I still am and wonder how his other parents (aside from Skywise) will react to his state of being.

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