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The misfit trolls return to battle the eager Go-Backs, to the delight of Two-Edge, who forms an astonishing alliance. Meanwhile, Rayek hungers to partake of the increased magical power of those who dwell within the Palace. But Cutter’s greatest concern is Angrif Djun’s massive war fleet, which seeks to crush all elves and their allies.

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  1. WOW!!! so much WOW!! in this issue!! Two-Edge potentially becoming Chief of the Misfit Trolls? wow, that sounds kinda scary and intriguing… Rayek going to the Palace; i bet that’s going to have unforeseen results, like ol’ Winnie will break free and wreak havoc again, or something… and POOR Moonshade and Strongbow!! their last page in this issue made me cry!! what will the “old marrieds” do now? i guess that title will belong solely to Nightfall and Redlance after this… and i love how we get another hint as to why the elves came to Abode and (at least Timmain) chose to stay: they needed chance and choice! to learn, to grow, to ENJOY having a form and voice! very cool! :shapechanger:

  2. captainvimes on May 27, 2015

    As much as I enjoyed reading it, it did feel like a ‘Filler’ issue, an inbetweener. After that epic spread it all seemed to calm down a bit, the quiet before the storm. That said, there were some truly tender moments. Strongbow and Moonshade, so sad and heartfelt. The page with cutter and skywise and the dreamberries made me recall similar pages, like the end of Kotbw. And ember’s windswept hair looked stunning stunning stunning!

    I’m not sure if I like Timmain’s idea of the elves having to travel to the palace themselves. I get the thought behind it, but who is she to judge on what lesson other elves have to learn or how to earn your place in the palace..? What if elves die trying to reach the palace? I dunno, it seemed weird logic and more for the sake of the plot. But hey, I will hold further judgement until the tale is done!

    Next issue I feel is going to be a crazy one, with the 10 year gap and rayek’s arrival at the palace. Argh, gotta wait for 2 more months!!!!!!!

  3. I know the feelz on the wait. Been filling my time rereading the old stuff.

    As for Winnie-pooh, I don’t think she’ll break free based on the stories of Rayek’s later adventures, but who knows. If there is a 10 year gap, will we see what happens?

    I agree with the Timmain thing. What if the trek is too hard? What if the elves on the far-a-away continent can’t make it? Are they to be left there to die. As far as we know right now, Jink is the only one left in the future.

  4. Even though I knew in my soul it was coming, didn’t make it easier. The separation of Moonshade and Strongbow. The development and progression of their relationship will have happened a bit by the next issue, 10 years will have passed. So little time for them and yet, for us. And yet. Not everything was revealed in Dreamtime. I await anxiously, gloriously and in angst and joy.

  5. Richard Pini

    Richard Pini on May 28, 2015

    Now here’s a topic ripe for the “compare and contrast” treatment if ever there was one! The sentiment has been expressed, over on Facebook, that Moonshade is, without question, “a bitch” for doing what she did to Strongbow. Others point out that she unquestioningly went along with his desires in the past (example: leaving Blue Mountain), so where’s the equality? Why should he always get his “way”? And let’s not forget fan criticism of Strongbow himself – remember when he advised Cutter simply “to take” Leetah, way back when? Put it all together in a big pot and what do you get? Possibly the most complex relationship in all of Elfquest – and a fascinating litmus test for each reader.

  6. captainvimes on May 28, 2015

    Yeah, I saw the comment on FB. While I think I get where the person was coming from, it was very black/white… I too have scratched my head a few times about Moonshade’s aversion to the way and choosing the palace, it seemed a bit sudden and not very characteristic for her, seeing as she herself stuck to the way so much.
    But time changes things, regardless of the palace’s influence. This batch of wolfriders has experienced so much outside of the way that it’s hard to not be affected by it.
    Strongbow tries his hardest but even he can’t ignore the palace and the changes forever.
    So no, Moonshade isn’t a bitch for leaving and strongbow isn’t a jackass for not being flexible. They’re trying their best to live in ‘interesting times’ and heck, that’s not easy!

  7. CaptainVimes said:

    “I’m not sure if I like Timmain’s idea of the elves having to travel to the palace themselves. I get the thought behind it, but who is she to judge on what lesson other elves have to learn or how to earn your place in the palace..? ”

    I actually think she is the ONLY one qualified to make that judgement. She’s millions–maybe billions–of years old and has an understanding and perspective on the meaning of life and death and living and dying that we couldn’t possibly fathom. For all intents and purposes, she is a god. :shapechanger:

  8. Richard Pini

    Richard Pini on May 28, 2015

    Now, just because I took a minor in Sh*t Disturbing in college, I’ll toss this in: And no one ever questions their god(s)? Puckishly, I am reminded of Captain Kirk’s line, “What does god need with a starship?” :evilrayek:

  9. captainvimes on May 28, 2015

    Ha, word!
    For me, I’m not religious, I don’t believe in a certain being that can determine ‘the rules’ for so many others. Timmain may be old and knowledgeable but she can’t know for sure what the deal is with all the newly discovered elves. That’s why they needed sunstream in the first place.
    I dunno, I still think it’s an odd challenge to put in someone’s way to prove worth or right of choice. *shrugs*

    (Also, there’s this tiny tiny piece in me that doesn’t completely trust timmain 100%…)

  10. @ Thornbrake: Timmain may have her perspective, but it’s far from infallible. The Coneheads were very capable of making mistakes; if they hadn’t been, they would have noticed the trolls’ discontent and frustration and the Shell wouldn’t have crashed on TWOTM in the first place. There’s an echo of Cutter saying to Rayek “And *she* (Winnowill)’s very clear on who should live and who shouldn’t!” back in Kings, and Timmain’s comment about elves needing to “earn” the right to go to the stars. The elves have had millennia of “choice and change”. How much more do they need?

    Moonshade’s choices have been very interesting to me. I commented elsewhere that many fans, when asked about the characters that seem the most intelligent and/or curious, mention Skywise and Rayek right of the bat. Moonshade’s not even in the running. Her change of perspective and newly revealed eagerness to learn things beyond basic survival has thrown a lot of readers off-stride. I like it, and it’s made me like her more.

    Sadly, I think she’s on the chopping block, along with Cutter and Nightfall.

    And, how long were Venka and the Go-Backs traveling underground? They seem to have gotten to the New Original Holt PDQ; looking back through the original quest, it was about three moons (an Earth month and a half ) from leaving Picknose’s hut (“we’ve been traveling sun-goes-down for two moons!” — Skywise in #8) to the arrival at Blue Mountain. Presumably Picknose started hoofing it north to the Frozen Mountains after Two-Edge’s gold and got caught in the same timeframe.

    So, did Two-Edge make a whoole lotta shortcuts in those 10k years? Install a secret magnetic monorail? Or did Wendy just go “And then a miracle happens and the Go-Backs arrive, not even needing potty breaks”?

  11. A little too divided into small sections, this issue. Back in the days of the original quest the journey through the troll tunnels alone would have taken half an (32-page!)-issue. But now a lot has to happen very fast because of all the different characters in different places. It’s not easy to connect with the characters within the short “time” of one page (Ember and Teir) or Rayed (a couple of panels).

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions:
    What does the Djun want the warfleet for? To kill all demons, okay, but they don’t necessarily live at the coast, do they? Angrif Djun has to conquer literally the whole world, to get to his demons. And defeat millions of HUMANS in the first place, because I assume is is NOT the ruler of the world already, is he? And in the end, how many elves are there? Two hundred? Three hundred? How does he want to find them with a warfleet!? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this threat. Ember’s tribe can easily flee from the mountain top with the help of the palacepods, as can all the others, so what’s the big deal?

    Timmain’s “No!”: I get what she is talking about. But how does for example a single Go-Back learn from a journey to the palace about the world and the stars!? I think Timmain is a bit out of touch with reality.

    Rayed and Ekuar: Why does Rayed have to explain how he knows where the palace is and will be? Doesn’t Ekuar “hear” it himself within the call? And if he doesn’t – how should all the other elves!?

    But besides all that: I’m still excited!


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