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ElfQuest is #1 on Buzzfeed’s Most Life-Changing Graphic Novels List

Last week, Buzzfeed’s Candace Darden asked readers which graphic novels affected their lives the most. Word quickly spread to ElfQuest fandom via Facebook, and many of you headed over to Buzzfeed and shared your wonderfully heartfelt comments about ElfQuest’s impact on your lives.

Well, you were heard.

ElfQuest got the number one spot on Buzzfeed’s final “24 of the Most Life Changing Graphic Novel” list!

Thank you for sharing your love for ElfQuest with the world. Who knows, you might have introduced Cutter and his adventures to a whole new group of people, and that is an inspiring thing.


  1. Excellent and most deserved! Initially, I scoffed at Elfquest. However, my girlfriend broke me down and got me to start it. To say I devoured it would be an understatement. It’s my catharsis, my therapy, my medication, and my heart.

  2. Guys and gals, where are all the comments? I know the forums aren’t active anymore, but there’s still so much to discuss! Come on everyone-Let’s comment it up!

  3. Ethel, you are not alone! ElfQuest changed my life (as my quote in the Buzzfeed article elaborates on).

    As for commentary, as often happens on homepage posts across the internet, the deeper discussion happens on social media. There are several Facebook groups that are very active, the biggest of which is

    But I’m all for discussion here too, where only ElfQuest fans will see it (vs. everyone on your Facebook friends list).

  4. Thanks for the site Thornbrake! I guess my issue is that I like having a site completely dedicated to Elfquest. Yes, there are advantages that social media (I suppose this is a form of SM too) have over standard pages; but, something about communicating on this page makes it feel more like a Holt.

  5. Also, would you rather I call you Thornbrake or David?

  6. Either works, Ethel!

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