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Elfquest meets Shakespeare

Yesterday evening, Heather and Rob Beschizza and I (Richard) performed a surprise read-through of “Elfquest à la Shakespeare” for Wendy. The metamorphosis from issue #1’s original script into iambic pentameter was masterfully crafted by Rob and Heather. It opens:

At breaking dawn the crack of taut-skinned drums,
Bear throbbing witness to our deeper fears.
From human beasts a wailing murmur comes,
The courage to surveil ten thousand years.
As angry tints of ev’ning sky arise,
Their dreaming words recall a distant age,
The nameless world upon which we surprised,
Calm visitors ill-met by mankind’s rage.

Among other parts, Rob read the chorus and Pike, Heather read Cutter and Nightfall, and I got Skywise and Picknose (typecasting much?). Herewith, the audience reaction…

Wendy reacts


  1. The look on Wendy’s face says it all. Although by that measure, Wolfie and Baby don’t seem terribly impressed. :rofl:

  2. @Thornbrake-They actually joined in! Wolfie made a wonderful Nightrunner stand in!

  3. Awesome! Did anyone film it for the rest of us? :)

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