Own 552 pages of classic EQ for just $20

Elfquest now at Redbubble

EQ trio 1978-200
As you’ve read, Warp and Elfquest have made a shift from CafePress (now closed) to Redbubble (very much open for business) for EQ clothing and other goodies.

The reasons are simple. First, CP was getting a bit old and clunky, and we very much like to keep up with the times. Second, we wanted to inject a little liveliness into Elfquest’s offerings, and RB allows us to switch things around, add new items, retire older ones, much more easily. We hope you’ll keep checking in on Redbubble, as the pace and excitement have definitely been stepped up!


  1. The prices are just too high. I’m not going to pay $25 for a Samsung Galaxy case. It still is very much like Cafe Press in that matter. HUGE mark up for an item that should cost under $10.

  2. Your pique is understandable, but it’s not an entirely fair comparison. The case you may find for under $10 online or at Best Buy is one of thousands of mass-produced copies, that all look alike. The case you order from Redbubble (or any other such service) is a small-batch, made-to-order item. The costs of production (and order fulfillment) are substantially different. In the end, though, it’s totally your choice to make, whether you find any Elfquest product is worth its asking price.

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