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Listen to Episode 18 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Episode 18 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast is live and ready for your listening pleasure.  David and Ryan tackle issue #9 of the Final Quest.

Is this the end of the Go-Back tribe as we know it? Venka and company make their way through the troll tunnels with Two-Edge leading the way. What will they discover in the Holt? Moonshade and Strongbow finally separate – but who gets the tree den and custody of the kids? Meanwhile Sunstream might just be the World of Two Moons version of Bill Gates, and Cutter and Skywise literally become ‘high’ ones as they partake of the delights of dreamberries!

Give it a listen and leave your questions and comments here.

The ElfQuest Show podcast is available for streaming or download on SoundCloud, iTunes and via Stitcher.


  1. We did see Suntop use his sending as a weapon only once before, but it was combined with Cutter and leetah’s sending and healing against Rayek to show him how powerful Winnowill’s “bad sending” was.

  2. Is there a website we can access the older podcasts?

  3. I am calling Blondie Go-back Tom because he looks like Tom Petty. lol

  4. Gro-Mul Djunn is like Mussolini and Angrif is more like Hitler.

  5. Pupe, you can listen to all of the episodes of the show here: https://soundcloud.com/theelfquestshow

    “Tom Petty” — hahahaha! You’re right!

    I don’t know that I’d call Sunstream working with Strongbow and Leetah to show Rayek the dangers of Winnowill as him using his powers as a weapon. But you reminded me that he DID use his magic offensively to help subdue Winnowill at the end of Siege at Blue Mountain.

  6. Thank you Thornbrake I’ve listened to all of them now. I am missing a few of the actual issues, the Final Quest special, #2, #4 and #8.

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