About Elfquest

Elfquest is the longest-running independent fantasy graphic novel series in the USA, with more than 15 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print.

The story of Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, and his quest to find others of their own kind on the World of Two Moons, Elfquest was first published in 1978 by creators Wendy and Richard Pini.

The latest cycle, The Final Quest, is being published by
Dark Horse Comics.


The Story

Get the latest Elfquest from Dark Horse Comics.
New to EQ? Catch up on the backstory with the free online comics archive or by the Complete Elfquest omnibus graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics. Also check out the timeline, the stories in chronological order, and our publication history.


The Characters

Meet the elves and their foes and friends in our Who’s Who. The Wolfriders number only 17 at the outset, but come to know hundreds of other elves, Trolls, Preservers and Humans as the quest unfolds. Meet the Sun Folk, the Gliders, the Go-Backs, the Wavedancers, the Rootless Ones, the Palace Dwellersthe Future Folk and more.


Warp Graphics

Meet Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini and Final Quest colorist Sonny Strait.
Take an outdated (but still amusing) tour of Warp’s former offices in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Art, Music and Magic

Enjoy all sorts of oddball EQ-inspired fun (enough that even Rayek might stop scowling).
Homages in other books and comics
Fun tributes by other artists in Wendy’s Elf Book
back-of-the-comic funnies
A gallery of cover art
The early designs for Elfquest (And more!)
Character model sheets
Working sketches from the first EQ novel and first EQ portfolio
Some role-playing game art
The lyrics from an Elfquest-inspired album
And don’t miss the fan film Elfquest: A Fan Imagining
Create your own Elfquest Avatar
Take the Elfquest Tribe Sorting Quiz


The rest

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