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Final Quest #10 cover and teaser


“Ten years have passed. The Palace of the High Ones returns as the centerpiece of a grand celebration in Cutter’s holt. In the midst of it all, every relationship fans have cherished or wished for will be tested. New faces appear; joinings and partings abound—but whose, when, why, and at what price?”

You won’t want to miss this one. It’ll be on sale July 22.


  1. Wow, this and the new Star Wars teaser within an hour of each other?! How does the Internet expect me to get any work done now!?!?!

  2. @Weaver: I so agree. I am officially done for the day!

  3. Skywise looks like that time when he ‘recognized’ Cutter (where’s his headpiece?) Timmain looks gorgeous by the way! They both look much younger.

  4. OMHY, I love this!!!!
    No other words needed!!

  5. That looks exactly like the ‘girl’ from Skywise’s dream in Dreamtime that transformed from a blanket to Star Jumper! It’s insinuated that it’s Timmain maybe, but it looks like a younger, bouncier version somehow.

  6. I was thinking exactly the same thing, Zadzi! :)

  7. I’m SO much in love with this outfit on Cutter. Remember it from that “Ultimate Quest” teaser from waaaaaay back in 1996? ​

  8. Richard Pini

    Richard Pini on April 16, 2015

    1996… heavens above, how quickly (nearly) twenty years goes by. And yet everything that is taking place in “Final Quest” now, was laid down in framework form as long ago – and longer – as that. The nice thing about frameworks, though, is that as we grow and evolve as storytellers, we get to tweak some of the fine detail to make it even more relevant and/or surprising.

  9. It’s Skywise’s “dreamgirl” 😀
    Her hair and eyecolor match Timmain’s but her face is shaped differently. A new character? She looks magical.
    This is going to be a very long wait.. I feel really exited about this issue already.
    Is this the really big kick-of ? Maybe they are going to the Home Star?
    Skywise is looking really shocked, and Cutter finally has his Final Quest leathers. He looks great :)

  10. Well, we know ONE thing that hasn’t changed from the time of that teaser. . . Richard’s responses! :skywise:

  11. I think Skywise’s dreamgirl could be from the Home Star.
    That would explain why the lodestone is pointing towards her :)

    Angrif looks both old and sleepless.
    Ten years to build his ships seems about right timewise.

  12. SO EXCITED!!! I feel this will be the issue where the story really takes off!!! The cover is amazing! One of the best for Final Quest (even though they are ALL great!)

  13. It’s Skywise’s dreamgirl!

    Oh, and I think Wendy and Richard Pini didnt’t evolve as storytellers…

    …they were perfect from the beginning! 😉 :)

  14. The girl somehow looks a bit like a female Skywise.
    And Skywise looks young here indeed…he’ll never EVER will have face fur…!

  15. Cutter looks kind of worried.. wonder what’s up with that?

  16. I am wondering that as well, Silvermane.

    From the cover it looks like it has to do with Skywise and his dreamtime-girl but that could be a red herring. It wouldn’t be the first time Wendy has had something on the cover that makes it look like something is happening in a specific way that doesn’t turn out that way. So, perhaps Cutter does have a worry but it’s not with Skywise’s shocked looked.

  17. Skywise does look really young without that head piece, I’ve noticed…

    Looks like Cutter got all dressed up to ‘greet’ the new elves 😀 Hmm… which reminds me: If Mooonshade’s no longer the Cutter’s tribe tanner, who’s taken over that role, I wonder? Both tanners (Freetouch and Tyleet) are with Ember’s tribe, so I’m curious to see who is doing it? Unless Moonshade just did a bunch of different outfits in her free time and stored them in that palace ‘pantry’ where Shenshen and Leetah were talking.

  18. It’s going to be such a long wait for this! Seeing the cover makes me feel like heaps of questions are bouncing out of me…more than anything I’m dying to know how Moonshade and Strongbow’s relationship has developed, they used to be the two strongest keepers of The Way…

  19. I think it’s Timmain as she would look at Wolfrider size…less angular, more child-like.

    I always like seeing Skywise without the headpiece. I know it’s iconic for him, but I’ve hoped he’d get updated to a new, less bulky headpiece a la Sefra for a while now.

  20. I’m thinking a bit more, and now I’m not sure that the girl is someone alive. In Skywise’s dream, she started out as a magical star, who let Skywise fly about as he wished. Well, Skywise *can* fly now, in a fashion, with the Palace pod, which is powered by the spirits of their dead. After it transformed into the girl, it transformed again, into Starjumper. This ties back to the old times before all the quests.

    What about Foxfur?

  21. Leilaniflower on May 29, 2015

    Hello everyone,
    Just wanted to add something to think about. I think the important part is the question he asks in Dreamtime, where do I belong? Starjumper is gone by this time in the story and when you think about Cutter’s face on the first image of the final quest. At first I thought the loss of a child but now I think it is the loss of a brother in all but blood. Hope not. I love Skywise and his carefree attitude.
    Also, I used to think the girl on this cover was either Sefra or maybe she had a daughter with the high ones powers. But the more I look at Timmain and her face shape and ears. I think it is her. Both Timmain and the girl have small ears. Just food for thought. I am most likely wrong, but it is so fun to speculate. Wendy always keeps us guessing.

  22. Shadow Walker

    Shadow Walker on June 7, 2015

    Is anybody else bummed out that we’re jumping ahead 10 years?
    When Timmain said that anyone who wanted to answer the call had to come on their own, I was hoping we’d get to spend an issue or two seeing some of the new elves trying to get to the palace.

  23. kkbluestone on June 17, 2015

    I totally think it is Timmain. She has shapeshifted to Skywize’s size to hook up with him. I’m guessing she could stimulate recognition if she wanted to….

  24. Can’t wait to read that!

  25. I’m kind of bummed if we don’t get to see the new elves on their own either, Shadow Walker. But maybe we will. I am curious to know more about what they’re like.

    Why do people keep insinuating Cutter’s about to die? Am I missing something?

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