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Final Quest #11 Preview

Exclusive Final Quest Preview is up on Comic Vine.

The one issue you dare not miss! The elves’ unprecedented gathering reaches a fever pitch when Strongbow’s lifemate Moonshade, Oddbit the troll queen, Mender the healer, Skywise the stargazer, and even evil Winnowill pursue their hearts’ desires-and some dare ask for even more! Angrif Djun’s war fleet invades the Wavedancers’ waters as a shattering moment of truth occurs between Cutter and Timmain.


  1. So exciting! This is going to be a great one and what a cliff-hanger in the preview (great job, guys!) I wonder if we’ll ever learn the identities of the lovemates or the departed elf? Could they be that wavedancer duo in the Forevergreen? Perhaps Door and Dodia? I’m guessing it’ll remain a mystery but really fun to speculate.

  2. I am wondering…. 3 elfes have arrived, could it be there were others not picted on the great poster when Sunstream finally made The Call??
    More unknown elfes we could meet?

  3. So pumped! Cannot wait to see old Picky and the gang again too! Final Quest has been amazing and I keep wanting more!!!

  4. I adore the colored linework on this cover! It gives the drawings such a rich look.

  5. I did NOT see that coming about Mender… (if I missed it, can someone point me to the hints?)

  6. Read it, loved it. Want more!!! The last pages, with Cutter and Timmain left me speachless. I’m so exited about the rest of the quest.

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