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Final Quest #14 cover


Coming March 23, 2016:
From CBR: What happens when the one leader who can unite the elves in their time of greatest turmoil has seemingly deserted them? The descent into the symbolic cave is a hero’s darkest hour. For Cutter—vulnerable, mortal, wandering through the forest primeval—can there be a moment darker still? Has the Blood of Ten Chiefs come, at last, to the end of all quests?
“It’s a really great series that, if you have the time to, you should definitely read. This isn’t an issue you’d want to miss.”—ComicWow!


  1. Wooooow. So we are going to get to see more of the plant-elves. Waiting for each issue is like torture.

  2. Holy High Ones! I so want this to be out today, but I have to wait until March. I think this is the Issue many of us have been wanting to happen, to finally meet and see and understand the Tree Elves.

  3. Ah ha! there are two tree elves there. I suspect the female is their chief.

  4. Oops make that three of them.

  5. Wow!
    Crazy thought here.
    Think that these tree elves could somehow be Goodtree? It is said in her bio that she even wanted to be a tree, if she has been living as tree all along that could still explain the age.

  6. Crazy theory…we’ve been told that Timmain is the only elf who has ever shifted on a cellular level to the degree where she could mate with another species. So where did these guys come from? Could be that they just have greenery growing on them…perhaps they are descended from Timmain but I somehow doubt that. There has been so much “spirit talk” in the Final Quest; could these beings be the spirits of treeshapers who lost their biologically elven form and posthumously shaped these vessels for themselves?

  7. Oh wow, is it just me or does cutter look really cute? Kinda like a little wolf pup. This is the best cover.

  8. Such beautiful artwork! The few glimpses we’ve seen of these elves so far, they’ve been more “arboreal”. From this angle the seem more rooted/earthbound, creeping along the surface like mold. Perhaps they aren’t so “ent-like” as we think but rather “earth-dancers”? Also, Cutter escaped on foot from the Holt, and although an elf, he would not be able to reach half across Abode that way, and certainly not cross any oceans, meaning the tree-elves must have been relatively near the known tribes for quite some time. Perhaps “hiding in plain sight” is the best way to stay clear of all conflict?

  9. High Ones! This ist the most beautiful und most exciting cover of Final Quest so far! I absolutely love it! I’m still not sure what to think about the whole Timmain/Tam business. But if it leads to Cutter meating the tree-elves, I’m totally with you!

  10. Considering their reaction to the Call I wonder wether they Tree Elves are even friendly. It could be a new Blue Mountain situation with one or several “nasty” elves. Hopefully they’ll learn through Cutter that the Call isn’t something insincere (like Surge thought). Finally almost all the elves will be known. That still leaves many loose ends however. There are still the Plain Elves from Teir’s youth and Mender’s Tale (up the mountain, remember?). And of course Jethel, Chot and Door are also still left in the Forevergreen. I wonder wether Dodia is actually there. She was shown in Shards 16 in the Palace but in the second Fire-Eye story she suddenly seemed to be left behind in the jungle….. As are Wavecatcher and Wavelet (if they even are actually part of the canon). .

  11. According to ElfMom we need to not call them plant or tree elves, but Fungus Amongus… does that mean they are Shroom Elves! How many dream berries did it take Pike to get so blotto he mated with a mushroom and spawned these? With the help of some dark and twisted old elf magic?

  12. Dodia and Door might be the two who are in Wrapstuff, and I don’t remember if Wavecatcher and Wavelet were male or female but if one of them was female that might be the one who died trying to get to the palace.

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