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Final Quest #15 is Here

Final Quest 15 Cover

Issue 15 of Final Quest is here!

After months of tracking, the Wolfrider rescue party finally discovers Cutter in the clutches of an eerie new tribe of elves. But are they too late to reclaim their chief from the edge of madness? Meanwhile, the Djunslander warships have reached the shores of Iceholt, home of the reborn Father Tree. Will the elves’ cherished home fall to the hordes of human mercenaries?

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  1. What an amazing issue and well worth the wait. I enjoyed all focus on the personal challenges from so many characters. Every panel seems to forward the story to places that causes dread and excitement. Well played.

  2. I feel that the strange elves in the forest might be part of the tribe that Savah came from. Remember the name of that tribe?

    The Rootless Ones.

    At first, I thought it was because they were nomads, but now…


  3. at MYKAL:
    That would be exciting.

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