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Final Quest 24 – See Preview and Press Release

Dark Horse Comics has released an exclusive four-page preview of issue 24 of the Final Quest, along with a press release celebrating the End of the Quest. The full issue will be released in comics shops and online on February 28.


  1. Chieftess White Eagle

    Chieftess White Eagle on February 16, 2018

    Just read the press release AND the preview, and… and……..

    By the Father Tree, the High Ones (new and old) and ALL their Children, I have no words for all that, OTHER than this issue is gonna be one burning (pardon the pun! ) HELL of a way to wrap up 40 years of Elfquest adventures and its awesome storyline!

    Wendy, Richard, you , and all your team have done well, and now you’ve won your well deserved rest!
    (ESPECIALLY _YOU_, our dear Mother of Elves and Wolves.)

    Shade and Sweet Water to you both, and from myself and all your myriad fans and packmates………

  2. Chieftess White Eagle

    Chieftess White Eagle on February 16, 2018

    Oh, and that the sadistic dirtbag known as the “Commander of Sea and War” FINALLY gets what has long been coming to him.

    In both the living AND the spiritual worlds.

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