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Finding Lost Elfquest Treasure

Elfquest has been going strong for a long time. Many readers and collectors have followed the story since the beginning, and new ones join the pack every day. Sometimes, though, for any number of reasons, someone needs to let go their collection of comics or books, and these “lost children of the High Ones” find their way to eBay or used book stores or flea markets – where some lucky new reader may find them. These comics were spotted in a shop in Simi Valley, California just yesterday.

What’s the most amazing “lost treasure” Elfquest find that you’ve ever made? Share your story of unexpected discovery, wherever in the world you may live – and don’t forget to post a photo so everyone can see!


  1. I found a good portion of the EQ 2’s, the role playing game, a fanny pack, and window sticker at my local comic shop in Waltham, MA, years ago. I also got the toys at an Electronic Boutique of all places.

    • Electronics Boutique was one of the more odd retail outlets for the Elfquest action figures, but they did help the first series sell out in short order. There was – maybe still is for all we know – a lot of crossover between game shops and toys.

  2. I found several of these cool bookmarks that were put out in the 90s in a counter display by the register at the old Oxford Comics in Atlanta when I was in college. I didn’t even know they existed so it was a great surprise.


  3. I didn’t even know a fanny pack existed! Do you have a picture, Laurel?

    My find wasn’t one I actually had myself but from my brother (who also introduced me to Elfquest). I remember I was in Junior High and he was home from college. He came to pick me up from school that day and I was excited to see him waiting there but when we got to his car, in the passenger seat sat the Elfquest Boardgame. I had not clue of its existence and was deeply touched that he got it. He bought it at Wizard’s Keep, a gaming and then also comic shop that is near the campus of Ball State University. Big brothers can be pretty cool.

    I never played it but I still treasure it.

    • The fanny pack was one of any number of promotional giveaways that Warp had printed up in the 1980s and into the 1990s, for trade shows and expos. Alas, I can’t lay hands on a photo just now. It was a bright day-glo yellow-green (or just yellow, perhaps), with the Warp wolf logo and some other stuff screenprinted onto it. Might have been a Capital City retailer’s gathering.

  4. Went to my comic store (Time Warp Comics in Boulder, Colorado) today to get my copy of the recent Final Quest. The owner, Wayne, knows I am a huge Elfquest fan. I rooted through their collections and they know which issues I am missing and tend to hunt for them.
    He pulls me aside and tells me he has something I might like to see. ​My jaw dropped when I saw this and he said he’d found it in a box in back and knew exactly who might want it. He let me squirm and drool and caress it a while before telling me that he would sell it to me… for $15!! I wavered between hugging him or crying and finally managed to barely squeak out a “thank you”.

    • How times flies! The memories are clear as crystal, of Wendy drawing that art, and Richard getting the posters printed in sufficient quantity so that there would be enough for the entire year-long signing tour. Whew!

  5. A year and a half ago, I went to an annual used book fair here in Ottawa. I meandered half-heartedly, not really looking for anything specific, and made my way to the children’s/young adult book section. I actually let out a little scream, much to the alarm of one of the volunteers, when I fell to my knees and saw the first eight books, from “Fire and Flight” to KotBW, laying next to some hastily discarded manga, for the ridiculously low price of $14. I’d been looking for them for over a decade and they almost literally fell into my lap. I admit it, I cried tears of happiness. My husband was mortified.

  6. Lilacwolf, I went through my trunk where all my old EQ stuff is stored. I have the big poster from the Fantasy With Teeth tour, but not the little one. I remember that tour with fondness, I hung around the comic store that the Pinis were at, all afternoon.

    Heather, I took a picture of the fanny pack. Let’s see if I can get it to upload here.

    • Memory is fugitive – It’s a Diamond Comics retailer event, not Capital City. (Oh, the stories of distributor wars from those times…!)

  7. :cheers: my collection has grown a LOT in the past 3 years that i’ve lived in this house! i’ve been a fan since i was about 6 or 7, but before my husband and i moved here, i had to keep my collection small, because we were constantly moving (we stayed in this same area, just changed houses a lot). i didn’t want to build it very big until i had a stable, safe home to house it in. well, 3 years ago we moved into the house that my husband grew up in, which his mom owns and rents out to us. we have absolutely NO intentions of ever moving, so i decided it was time to start my TRUE collection! here you go, from 2012 until now, 2015, look at THAT growth! :wink: *is very proud* by the way, this is everything except my shirts (i have 6), my Warp Wolf necklace and key-chain (i am currently wearing the pendent and the key-chain is on my purse) and my poster-wall. ElfQuest is almost everywhere you look in my living room!​ :scouter: i’m the admin for the ElfQuest Collectors UNITE group on Facebook, and i’ve found everything for my collection either there, eBay, or Amazon. the ONLY EQ items i found locally are the Final Quest issues! i LOVE living remotely, in the middle of the woods, but it’s rough as a collector to find more treasures and have to pay shipping for them! hehehe :rofl:

  8. PS: here’s my actual EQ comics. gone from less than one bookshelf to overflowing 2 shelves! :wink: i now own every American Printed comic issue as well as the entire Reader’s Collection, plus MUCH more! :grin:

  9. My collection is nowhere near as impressive as those. Got to work on that. I am quite thrilled to have a sketch of Strongbow that Wendy drew for me at the Calgary Expo two years ago. It’s one of my favorite treasures. Thanks again Wendy!

  10. Most of my absolute favorite finds have been off of ebay where I once found an ARC of Searcher and the Sword. Though I did once have a lady reach out to me about an ElfQuest book she had.. turned out is was the leather bound 1-4 volume I had been looking for for many years. I gave her the information as to what it was and how much it was likely to fetch her if she listed it on ebay and she offered to sell it directly to me instead. Suffice to say I was very pleased and she was happy to know it was going to a good home.

  11. Laurel: “Heather, I took a picture of the fanny pack. Let’s see if I can get it to upload here.”

    Thanks for sharing that! Awesome stuff!

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