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Trolls in the EQ universe: Troll appreciation and advocacy

Ardan Djarum "Scion of Djuns"

Mardu, another part-time chief

Forum Rule: One Thread Per Character [Updated]

Question: colorist Paty?

FQ Issue 2-**Spoilers**

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Tyldak (spoilers if you've not read the Final Quest Special)

Starblaze / Donning special edition Elfquest books 1 through 4


>Serrin: Be Alive

My lovely Leetah

Gliders/Sun Folk population?

On Ekuar's Missing Body Parts...

Savah's Hair

Jeedai's Preserver Nest

How do I turn off the email alerts every time there's an update here?

FQ Issue 3-**Spoilers**

Other characters of Elfquest

Elfquest Chocolates

Contact Us

WaRP, Dark Horse, and San Diego 2014

Kahvi: Go-backs / Wolfriders

Random question about wolf-friends

Read it now links don't work

Translation of character codes from the old forum (which is this forum before 2010 )

A Sunvillagers tale

The Den of Moonmoss

Moonmoss's characters

Please remove this thread.

Gliders' Birds Really DID Exist!

Battleborn game

Spot that homage!

How long are Wavedancers pregnant?

The spectrum of sexuality and Elfquest

Elfquest and "otherness"

Let’s HEAR it for trailblazing!

I'm hoping to start off a holt...


Vaeri's Dabbles

Ummm.... Does FutureQuest just end??!?!?

Forum Member Gallery (see 1st page!)

This is a great panel discussion!

Where is that comic??

What Aroree found

worst clothes on elf?

Daughter of Shale and Eyes High (AU)

Am I alone in being frosted off?

HY 10 art sketches

Do Sunfish, Fin-owill, and the Wavedancers actually need clothes?



Elfquest Volume 2 at Amazon already!

Complete Elfquest volume 1

question about Future Quest



Elfquest's Creepiest Moments

The thunder of “canon” fire

Is Rihanna a secret Ruffel fan?

Final Quest VS. Recognition

Help with the comics!

Final Quest #2 preview

Elf too old to Recognise?

Elfquest – Green from the start

Abodean Animal Life

Anyone here been a fan 20 years or more?

Absurdly pointless sequential numbers thread.

$3.50 - too damn much?

Adya-The First Victim

The Bone-Woman

“Where do you get your ideas?”

Nonna & Adar the Other Pini's

Rain the Healer

Just learning ... slowly ...

A few words

Special Talents - Silly Edition

Phoenix Comic Con 2014 Elfquest schedule - correction


Why Elfquest is worth doing. Really.

Storytelling, truth, and the world we live in

How has reading Elfquest affected your life?

When worlds don’t collide

If you could change ONE thing (SPOILERS!)

Wolf lifespan

Favourite bad guy/girl?

Soulname List

Tips and Links on Dollmaking

Nonna's Adopted Trio

Ruffel huffle!


Edible Elfquest

Orolin The Scroll Keeper

Fur and leatherwork

Rats? Loners? or Wildcards?

Osek and Mekda ... enslaved all their life :(

The Complete Quest Volume 2 - February 2015

New WendyWords: You Sure You Want A Career in Comics?

Elf Queen Avatars and Banners

Elfquest Memes