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Elves and jewellry

ComedyQuest: Journey to Sorrow's End

ComedyQuest: Fire and Flight

SaBM: Did anyone else find the Winnowell Troll thing to be GROSE?

When you have read too much Elfquest

Elven discipline

Shards: What would Winnowill have done with the Palace?

Will the Final Quest be the end?

EQ Characters - Costume Changes? [minor plot spoilers!]

Troll Rebellion-Triumph or Tragedy?

Kimo Selfshaper

Did the High Ones or Trolls ever develop a written language?

Avatar Maker Beta Thread

Winnowill-induced fauna

Old threads still exist?


The other ships.

Hand, Head and Art

Trolls Versus Elves

Elvin Magnet High

Ekuar, steady as a rock

Newstar, elfiest of all elves

Preservers are characters too BREE-DEET-DEEEE!

ElfQuest Audiobooks? :)

Final Quest how many to come

Fan Art Public Domain

Once more, Elfquest vs. Hollywood

Where do you live?


“Pretty damn gorgeous”

Ayoooah! Jeb's Howl

Elfquest: De Laatste Tocht #1, Publication in Dutch!

What do you look like?

Preypacer - the forgotten chief?

Skot, that sexy hunk of Go-Back!

Elmy (Maker girl!)

Will Strongbow have to choose? (possible spoilers)


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“Greatest Cosplayer of All Time”

"Mental Wealth", UK Playstation commercial, 1999

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Leetah - The desert rose

Kullyn Kenn

Wendy on Unfinished Storylines

Chandra the pink eyed engineer

Accidental symbolism in Elfquest

Can someone help me fill in the blank? (BoTC question)

Child of Man and Preserver, Rosie!!!

Owwwwwwl! Quiet storyteller & forcaster of weather

Leader of the Rebels.... Cosmo!

Shimmery Shimmer!

The clown of the future: Scorch!

Welcome to the new Elfquest forums!

Merging and splitting threads

Beyond EQ Final Quest #3

Lehrigen, the Still one

A Breakdown of What's What

The Woodcutter and his family

HoltQuest- A Google Hangouts Elfquest Table Top Game!

A look back at Lehrigen

Translation Fails

The elf/elves you'd like to wrestle in the furs with (age 18+ ONLY)

Let's hear it for Fathers!

Rahnee: My self is dark

WaveDancers: Spine's age

If you could just choose which tribe(of elves) you'd be born into and raised in which tribe and WHY?

About new Dark Horse B&W TPB's ¿What do you think?

Fan art poster for FQ


How do I join a online holt?

Forum guidelines discussion

Your stories about exactly how the quest entered your life?

“Final Quest” panel at Emerald City Comicon

Adaption - 'Game of Thrones' Style

Stormchaser: Scribbles and Doodles

Angrif Djun - Kinslayer

Elfmom speaks!

Catching Up

Secrets and Soulnames

Warning: This Forum Contains Spoilers!

Talen, the translator

The Hunt

Zarhan Fastfire

For the fans of CLOUDHEAD (Sunstream/Suntop)

Lineage according to the Blood of Ten Chiefs

Shuna-- la una!

Elfquest RPG Portland, OR

Funny Furry Faces

Great Video of Wendy and Richard

Official Reviews of Final Quest #2 (Potential Spoilers)

Final Quest #2-Excitement levels and thoughts (No Spoilers!)

"Texts from the Holt" Spin-Off

A day in the life – Elfquest

Elfquest – The Long Run Podcast #5

Female Door - Strongbow's Bane

Ads on the site


**SPOILERS** The Final Quest Special - Reviews and Thoughts

Excellent work!