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I know.

But even bad ideas can make for interesting discussions. And they help make decisions because they limit options some. When you know where you *aren't* going to go then you can start seriously talking about where you *are* going to go.

So, what *would* happen. Leetah needs a Recognition. She needs the soulsearching that it would entail and she needs to know that there are some things that she cannot resist, that she cannot change, that she must bend to and accept.

Moreover, she has to Recognize someone who understands that she must be free to come to her own acceptance.

Problem is, there aren't that many unattached males in the Wolfriders, and those that are . . . aren't what I would call good matches. Scouter's off the list because nothing needs to come between him and Dewshine until *Dewshine's* Recognition with Tyldak, seven years into the future. Redlance hasn't Recognized, but he's so perfectly paired with Nightfall that I wouldn't do anything to interfere with that relationship. Wing is still a baby. Woodlock recently Recognized. One-Eye? Hmm, maybe. He's had time since his last Recognition, but his system isn't really seeking. Treestump? Hmmm. No, he's in the same boat that One-Eye is in, last Recognition was long enough ago that the result has gained some maturity, but not really enough that his system would be looking for another one. Pike is the only *really* unattached male and he's a bit . . . fun-loving, though Leetah could certainly use a dose of his beach-bum attitude.

I don't envy your decisions, but I'm glad you're the one making them, . . . and not me! *grin*

Mrs. Grizzley