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Hey! This is so very cool! I've had no time to comment- but I've really enjoyed reading your stories, Leanan!

You and kathleen are really spicing up the board!

It seems the Leetah situation has a number of possible ways it could go. Here's my opinion:

If Cutter and the wolfriders arrive in Sorrows End, then Leetah would clearly heal Skywise so that she could give birth again...

But, is it possible for an elf to recognize twice? Apparently, it happened to Bearclaw, so...

there is a possibility that Cutter might recognize Leetah, given the fact that the female Skywise is barren. Is that the sort of thing recognition would pick up on? Would it compensate for an accident like that by striking twice, but pairing an elf with a more viable mate?

If so, then watching them try to resolve it could be interesting...

On the other hand, watching Leetah try to come to terms with the wolfblood in these newcomers, never having recognized Cutter, could be interesting too. If Cutter recognizes Leetah, that would also mean that Rayek and Cutter would not be at odds. They could be very powerful allies... Or would Rayek feel threatened all the same?

Actually... here's a thought... if Cutter and Leetah never recognize, then the Wolfriders might simply attack the Sun Folk and get away with it. Without Leetah's kidnapping, there would be no reason for Rayek to pursue them, or for Cutter to return to the village. I wonder if the Wolfriders would make a life for themselves in the hills, periodically raiding the Sun Village? How long would that last? What kind of interactions would the two tribes have?

(And now you've been exposed to my very rambling trains of thought!) Wink