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About two nights ago, I dreamt a dream about a son of Winnowill and Rayek.
This son of Winnow and Rayek was called Sapphire cause of his wonderful, sexy deep blue eyes. He has/had dark black long hairs and a brown skin.

I was one of the elf girls of the Sunvillage who helped to prepare a wonderful festival for all people.
When I went out of my little house in order to go to the other people , he tried to bar me from doing my work.
He told me that he that his mother Winnowill was dead, cause she lost her great powers and that he didn't know where his father Rayek was.
Sapphire is/ was a very arrogant elf, more than his father and a strong healer.
I wanted to ask him, why he told me that and what he wanted from me, but my dream ended here.

I was very confused when I woke up.

I told a very good friend who is also a big Elfquest and also a big Rayek fan about it, and she was enthusiastic about my dream. She told me that I MUST draw a picture of Sapphire ;).

I will see, what I can do *g*.