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Hehe... As I've already said to scarlett, she does look awfully lot like joyleaf...

When I was perhaps eight or nine years old, the period where I had just started reading EQ, I had a very strong EQ dream. It stands out VERY clearly in my mind, and if I'm ever going to forget it, it's going to a long time. It's very brief, and only consist of a few images...

I'm standing below the rocky hill in the original issue #6, apperantly trying to climb the hill where the wolfriders where ready to attack the human stragglers. Above me stands Cutter and Skywise, their wolves besides them. I can't climb the hill, and I think I ask for help. They look extremely sad and remorseful, but don't do anything to help. In the end they turn their backs to me. They don't walk away, they just stand there, unwilling to help (apparantly). I notice the skies being pink, so it must be late in the evening. The dream ends.