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I had a weird EQ-related dream last night... I was a secret agent or something, my partner was some guy, he kept misusing his position, and was cruel to children... I hated him... then we went to some desolate place where there was this factory where all the workers were female and were forged to read skimpy red uniforms and dye their hair bright red... I was disguised as a worker and wore a red wig... my partner went to investigate and vanished...

I stood in a corridor alone adjusting my wig in front of a mirror ... suddenly a tall worker girl appeared out of nowhere behind me - and started adjusting her wig, too! I saw a curl of white hair under the wig, and her face looked familiar. Jink.

She took me to see my partner. He was tied to a frame of some sort, naked and in a very embarrassing S/M situation... and Jink kept telling me if she could convince him he actually enjoyed the tortures he was going through he would be turned into a better person somehow...

I didn't care, I just sat there watching Jink torture him and enjoyed the show because I hated him.