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One outfit I did dislike was the first one Dewshine wore. All those quail feathers across her bodice, and the crossed leather thongs from ankle to knee. Just didn't care for it.

Wow, I'm kinda suprised, wordgazer. I've always though that was one of WP's best-designed outfits of all time. It fits Dewshine's personality perfectly. Youthful, flirty, gamine, feathery and earthy at the same time. It hasn't dated at all. Any teen or twenty-something could walk into a club today wearing it (with jeans :D ) and not be out-of-style.

I'm not thrilled about Rayek's buckle & retangle contraption, but I can see what WP was trying to do with it. It's a very Aztec-Mayan design. All of the Sun Village clothes seem to have a Mezo-American feel to them. I think she was saving a North American Indian look for the Plains elf tribe that hasn't materialized (yet). Teir's look seems to be the only remnant of that.

The other tribes have specific 'real world' looks too:

Wolfriders - very 70's hippie back-to-the-earth look. Earthtones, leather, vests, fringes, fur trims, bushy 'dos, hiphuggers and bellbottoms. Basically the Wolfriders are a road company for Hair. :D

Gliders - very 20's black & white Art Deco thing, especially based on Erté. Check out some of his designs online and then look at Winnie's first gown. It's almost a direct lift. Plus some Japanese influence. But Erté was also Asian-influenced so it's a double-dip.

Go-Backs - somewhat Nordic-Scandinavian influenced in full furs, embroidery, and geometric design elements. Maybe that's why so many Danes and Norweigans like EQ? :D

I'm not sure if the Wavedancers (either one) have a specific design since it seems the Pinis didn't have much of a direct hand in their drawing.