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[quote:db2baa8ff9="Leanan"]btw, fanfiction.net is better than its reputation. One reviewer asked me "it doesn't seem right that Cutter is named Cutter as an infant - didn't he get the name for his skill with a sword?"

I'd never thought of that - and none of you commented on it. And I've no idea what to answer... I do remember he was called Cutter before he had his first metal blade, even before he had a wolf-friend (in 'Starfall, Starrise')... help me people - is Cutter named in any comic about his birth or early childhood? I know Botc names him Cloudchaser but that isn't canon.[/quote:db2baa8ff9]

Leanan, I just read the two new chapters, and then I reread the one before (somehow I missed parts of it-- I must have gotten interrupted while I was reading that chapter and then forgot I hadn't finished!), and they're great! I like the healing of Skywise, I like Vurdah coming in (what she really wants is lifemate(s) and a child, and she gets both this way). The two children are cute, and Pike's child having fire-magic is a wonderful twist.

What I can't figure out is how I overlooked your questions. The one above-- no, the stories about Cutter's infancy never show anyone calling him Cutter. They call him "the cub" or (privately) "Tam." In the stories about his childhood, we do see him called "Cutter." That's why, in my story "What's in a Name?", I conjecture that he got the name Cutter in very early childhood -- five years old-- when he stole his father's sword and did something heroic with it. (I don't think in Starrise, Starfall, we need assume that Cutter doesn't have a knife just because he isn't carrying it around the Holt. He looks about 8-10 in that story, and Skywise must be 14-16. Plus there are indications in "Chief's Howl" that young Cutter is a bit careless about keeping track of where his knife is. Though it must be that Cutter didn't get his first Wolf-friend till late-- unless Nightrunner was sick, or something. )

As far as the Wolfriders following Leetah when she gets Savah's warning-- well, Cutter and Skywise are their chief and his lifemate, so naturally they will still want to go to his aid if they're told he's in danger. Cloud, of course, would be very upset about the idea of not going with them to help her parents, so they'd take her, too. Pike would want to go, and would convince Shenshen and Firebird to come, too. Should work fine.

Hope this helps, and sorry I didn't reply sooner.