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I had an amazing Elfquest dream last night, probably influenced by reading the BoTC anthology 3 in bed before going to sleep..

Zarhan Fastfire was looking for Rahnee the She-Wolf. He was tired and didn't look where he was going, so he fell off a cliff.

But instead of hitting the ground below he fell into a magic pool, like what i've heard happened to Kahvi when she fought her father. He fell from one time to another...

And the pool released him, and he hit the ground and hurt his arm. Time had passed. Bearclaw was chief. Some wolfrider hunters found Fastfire and helped him up from the ravine. While they bandaged his arm he asked:
"Where is my mate? Who are you? Where is Laststar, where is Three-Toe, where is the Dreamkeeper?"
And they asked:
"Who are you?"
He told them. And they told him Rahnee was long dead, along with everyone else he had known. His reaction was like Leetah's in KotBW... they are dust...

The strangest thing about the dream was, it could have happened. It fit the canon.