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Hey Arfurido, when I said that about the 30 years I was thinking of when Ember and her tribe heard from Lehrigen about Kahvi's death, I had totally forgotten about the time when Lehrigen talked to the Djunn :roll:

At the beginning of the Gifa story which is right before the one with Lehrigen, Howling Rock has been home to the Wild Hunt for 12 years, the palace war lasted maybe 2 years, so then it would be 10 years between Venka setting out and Lehrigen telling the Djun about killing Kahvi.....

Well there's less time, but still enough to let Venka find her mother before Lehrigen killed her? I hope they don't go for cheap drama by making Venka find Kahvi just after she died or something like that.

:idea: On the other hand, Two Edge is with Venka and although he's a half troll born outside of recognition, he's still half Winnowill and therefore half healer????? Redlance was late in developing his tree shaping ability, maybe Two Edge will become a healer and heal Kahvi.......
Like others have said, don't believe she's dead till you've seen a corpse!