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I saw a really weird EQ dream last night...

I was in a house with my uncle, and I was showing him the place... in one room there were a lot of preserver cocoons, and I told him:
"We got all the beloved dead back by magic but some of them just can't adjust to the modern World of Two Moons... this is Goodtree" *pointing at a cocoon on which can be seen the outline of a female elf with a shocked expression on her face...*

"And who is this?* My uncle asks, turning to an elf who is only half-wrapped, her right arm, head and the right half of her chest showing. For some reason she is fearing a tuxedo and smoking a cigarette. She looks a lot like Desire of the Endless from the Sandman comics.
"She is being healed bit by bit..." I begin, but the female interrupts:
"I am Mardu, Kahvi's second-in-command."
"How did you die?" I ask her.
"Well, you remember how we marched on that narrow ledge of rock in the troll war when we had just found the armour Two-Edge made us? Well, that clumsy wolfrider Treestump stumbled and pushed me over the edge!"
Mardu blows a smoke-ring and puffs on her cigarette.

I take my uncle to another room, where the air seems to be full of ghosts. Every transparent wraith has Winnowill's features, each of them wears a red gown I've never seen before.
"This is where we defeated Winnowill once and for all," I tell him proudly,
"She was driven insane by the idea that she is not one of a kind."

.... a crazy dream. At some point I lost my skirt, too bad I can't remember why, I was terrified my uncle would see me in my panties, so I stole a red dress from one of the phantom-Winnowills. I don't know how the dress was solid, not transparent on me.. dream logic, I guess...

When I woke up I had to laugh at Mardu's tragic death...