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Yes, this is what Winnowil says to Tyldak, shortly before she uses Dewshine's own soul name against her. Tyldak, meanwhile, is begging her "do not do this."

It's an interesting quote- and rather chilling.

I think it illustrates exactly why Winnie is a villian.

Not to swtich topics, but---

I think this belief is the reason that Winnie was able to get under Rayek's skin- to influence him to do her dirty work. He shared this belief- that being powerful gave you the right to use that power. That's what allowed him to control the Gliders in SABM and to turn them against the Go Backs in "Cry from Beyond." It was the belief that gave him permission to steal the Palace, and Cutters family, into the future- regardless of the consequences.

The funny thing is-I don't think Rayek himself always subscribed to this attitude. In the course of the original quest, he gained a lot of power- but he also learned self restraint. It must have frustrated him greatly to keep himself in check when he knew he could force his will on others should he decide to.

When he met Winnie, in "Seige," she gave him exactly what he craved: permission. And a point of view that excused the moral implications of his actions.

How ironic that, at the end of this storyline- Leetah finally concludes that she cannot force her will on others. While Rayek has discovered that he "can."