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I'm not particularly frosted off at any inconsistancy in EQ, I just consider it the nature of the beast in comics. Elfquest is remarkably consistant and on-target compared to something like The X-Men. I can buy Nightfall's parentage, even tho it's obviously an afterthought. Her non-reaction to Madcoil's attack is pretty bizarre and she's never claimed any special kinship to One-Eye or Scouter. Cutter, Dewshine, and Treestump are always "cousin this" and "sister's son that" even tho all of the Wolfriders are probably at least second cousins by now.

In Kahvi's case, it's "show me the body"! If the Pinis really wanted to establish that she's stone-cold dead they easily could have done so. This Lehrigen guy with the braids is kinda like the Huntsman from Snow White bringing back her "heart" in a box to prove the deed was done. Like the proof was more important than the "death". It's too shabby a way to treat such a major character.

Teir as Kavhi's son? *Shrug* He had to come from somewhere.

Ice Tooth

Bad art is worse to me than a slightly confusing storyline!

Hear, hear! Unfinished storylines don't bother me as much as completely abandoned stories and neither is worse than inferior art. What really confuses me is that nothing in the current stories seems to be leading at all to the Future Quest/Jink/Rebels time. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. :) ) Why did the elves abandon Abode? Why didn't they try harder to become "a true people of this world" like Savah thought they should? Right now Rayek (of all elves) and Tyleet are the only ones trying to understand the human perspective. You can't really count Shuna because the elves made her part of their world, not vice versa.

I don't think fanfic writers are (as a whole) revisionist fanatics. It's just a way to get in on the fun. True, much of great fantasy wouldn't exist without some talented person sitting down at a drawing table or typewriter or PC and thinking "This is the story I want to tell today." And sometimes it comes to the point that the story becomes too expansive to be carried on the shoulders of that one person. Tho I do scratch my head over fans who say, 'this isn't the story I'm carrying around in my head, therefore, you, the creator are wrong for telling it that way'. What the f**k's up with that? Every time I hear someone railling against the other writers/artists at WARP over whatever, like they hijacked the WARP offices or something and Wendy & Richard didn't have anything to do with it, I want to laugh. It's their company; do you really think a line of art or a word of type went to the printers without their say-so?