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Actually I understand fully that the Pinis had final say so on all projects. What ticks me off more then anything is the fact that they said so themselves that the only outside artists and writers would be the ones who could do the elves and trolls as well as the Pinis themselves. I accepted that and was proud that the comic stayed true in quality because it hadn't switched hands. Or at least I was certain that any new writers/artists would be of top talent.

Boy was I wrong! Many of the artists only knew how to draw cookie-cutter characters, the coloring got very muddy and the art became very convoluted.The different body and facial types, the effort to make every elf,troll,human and preserver unique and different was gone. Only a handful of new artists like Sonny Strait or BMP had the means to make the art seem remotely like Elfquest. Those were the good ones btw, we also had to deal with the likes of Barry Blevins.

And then there was the writing itself. Oh, I could understand giving Kahvi her own storyline and tried to enjoy the Forevergreen arc. But I felt that it was a complete copout to make Kahvi Two-Spear's daughter and it cheapened the Go-Backs origins as well. There had also been no hints about Teir being Kahvi's son, only about having Go-Back heritage. Forevergreen,Shards and Hdden Years along with several other Elfquest titles degenerated into soap-opera angst that was so common in other comicbooks not Elfquest. So I kissed Elfquest goodbye for a long time. Only when I saw that Wendy had returned to writing and drawing did I return. As a consumer I had every right to do so and did so.

Bottom line is, I got into Elfquest because it was top-quality art and storytelling. I beleived that any new artists and writers would would be top-notch as well. Instead half the time, it felt like readers were getting the bottom of the barrel in storytelling and art. The Pinis may have had final sayso, but I think they got distracted and sidetracked a lot. As a result the quality dropped drastically. That is the reason many readers feel that non-Wendy art and writing is fanart/fanfiction.