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Prism, maybe you hit the nail on the head...I can't remember having a choice about the art but I felt very much like you did for the longest time. Maybe I forgave Wendy and Richard a little faster because I did eventually warm up to some of the stories and actually was able to find some quality art from some of the Artists that WaRP brought on board... :roll: It was admittedly pretty difficult sometimes though and I did drop some titles completely because I just so completely loathed them, such as Blood of Ten cheif etc...though in the case of BoTC I think I quit it because I hated Delfin Barrel's elves so much and he was the last artist to draw the BoTC series. Anyway...art that sucked and loose storylines were definitly a failing of EQ and though I have said it before I figure I'll go ahead and say it again: Had EQ stayed true to the fans I don't believe that EQ would have felt the same crunch that the comic entire comic industry felt at the same time because EQ only survived because it was supported by its fans... does that make sense? I know that all comics are supported by their fans...but EQ was always an self-published indi comic (or pretty much) and unlike the big mass produced comics it relied extensively upon the support of those that loved it for its beauty and story...not so much for its resale value to a collector. :roll:

PS Evil Grin I still hate the idea of Brownberry and Longbranch being Nightfall's parents....wrong Evil Grin wrong Evil Grin wrong Evil Grin