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*claps heartily!* :D


But I don't think he ever deliberately set out to dominate and control, as Willowill did. I think he had a vision, that Winnie convinced him it was ok to force that vision on others for their own good-- and he believed that this was especially ok for those elves he deemed inferior. But unlike Winnowill, Rayek never set out to set himself up as lord of all elfkind, or to build himself up a controlling power. And it was this, I think, that redeemed him in the end. He was willing to listen to Ekuar above himself. Winnowill never set anyone above herself-- not even Voll.

Krwordgazer- I completely agree with everything you've said.

I think part of the difference between Rayek and Winnowil was in their motivations. She acted maliciously- he never did. Her intent was to hurt, to gain revenge. His intent was to enforce the "greater good." But the results of their actions were similar.

Rayek was much more naive than Winnowil. He believed in his vision- was willing to sacrifice everything to it. And part of his vision was based in bigotry- the idea that some elves were better than others. That certain lives were worth saving- while others could be tossed away. He was egotistical, idealistic, foolish and naive.

Winnowil was not idealistic; she was twisted by bitterness. Nor was she naive. She had witnessed the "ultimate jest" and appreciated the irony. I don't think that she saw herself "above" Voll- not in the same way that Rayek viewed himself as "above" the Go Backs for instance. Rather, I think she saw others as naive- and therefore easily mainipulated. Her anger drove her to lust for power- and that drove her to manipulate, control and dominate others. All those she could not dominate, she resented- those she could, she looked down on for their weakness.