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While I wouldn't have a problem with Khavi as a wolfrider, ie descended from Two-Spear, the suspended anumation pool was a little hard to believe. And the skills she rediscovered at the end were just that - skills. They weren't anything special that having wolfblood automatically gave you. Those things would be night-vision, better sense of smell, keener hearing, and an affinity for wolves (in SaBM or SoTE, Dart explains to Savah that the Jackalwolfriders don't know wolven body-language as well as he does, because it's not in their blood, like it is in his). And I seriously doubt that these would just "sleep" due to disuse. I mean, how could you control how well you smell things?

One more frosty point for me is in Huntress. Ember wants to make troll swords "her" weapon, like it was her father's, and asks Nightfall, who is using them to spar with Skywise, to teach her. But the wolfriders didn't have troll swords until the war for the palace, and didn't use them again afterwards. So how can that be Cutter's "weapon"? (Totally ignoring the fact that he uses New Moon all the time). And why in the world do the "Keepers of the Way" have troll swords, and not the warriors who are actually fighitng? :x