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Those troll swords-- now there is a frosty point with me as well, QuietShadow. All the points you raised are true. I especially find it hard to believe that the troll sword has now become Skywise's great skill, when he had such a difficult time in the War, nearly being killed and all, and the issues of abandonment by Cutter that got raised at that time. You'd think the very sight of those swords would give him a bad taste in his mouth.

But the most insurmountable difficulty to me is, how in Abode did they carry those huge swords across the plains on wolfback, without the reader seeing them sticking out somewhere? And when they were trying to travel light, too! Did the swords just materialize out of thin air? And where did they come from in the first place? There was no indication they had taken any troll swords away from the Palace at the end of Book 4. Did they ask Picknose to make some for them in the new land? If so, why? The only thing that kind of sword is good for is war. They'd be very awkward to hunt with.

Nevertheless, I liked the Huntress story quite a bit. (Except I hated the way the artist drew Moonshade's hair! :? )

That whole troll-sword section could easily have been left out, though.