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...And the skills she rediscovered at the end were just that - skills. They weren't anything special that having wolfblood automatically gave you. Those things would be night-vision, better sense of smell, keener hearing, and an affinity for wolves...And I seriously doubt that these would just "sleep" due to disuse. I mean, how could you control how well you smell things?

I think sometimes when people use the term "wolfblood" they forget that they're really talking about genetics. And elves--as a species--are master genetic manipulators, whether that manipulation is conscious or not. Every elf that left their original homeworld was capable of manipulating their physical being at will. Life on Abode has suppressed that power but it didn't eliminate it. It's not out of the realm of probability that Kahvi was capable of (unconsciously) suppressing the effects of alien (wolf) DNA in her body. Especially considering the traumatic clash with her own father over their wolf-bloodedness. And she is of sufficient willpower to recall her genetic gifts when she needs to.

Timmorn (and Two-Edge) had the same conflicts over their dual genetics. Timmorn is capable of calling more of his elfin genes to him or his wolfen ones. Timmain specifically said that was his gift and his legacy. Part of the reason Two Edge was so schzoid was because he couldn't consciously choose how his heritage should manifest itself. It took Leetah's healing (manipulation) powers to bring him to a level of control and sanity.

Leetah even commented on how other species were so fixed in their physical selves (in comparison to elves) when she healed Geoki and Dart from their fall. Why would she say that unless elfin genetics are far more malleable?