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*nods to KingJohnny*

Exactly.. they might not even speak English (or any other language that EQ has been published in :D ) as we know it, and that is't only for storytelling simplification things are as they are, but with hints of misunderstanding here and there.. or how to put it.. I suppose this'd be like comparing LOTR and Quenya and all those other languages Tolkien put a huge effort in to create that the elves and others spoke, and English just happened to be the language the story itself was mostly retold in, set as a base.. but the Pinis do have Elven words and names puzzled in, so far :)


I'm not sure if this is established, but my take on the whole wolf-sendings is that they are giving out an image, not a word. Or, maybe they do send out a word since the wolves are also descendants of Timmain. But since they are mostly wolf, they are only able to give out a word, or again, an image.

It does sound probable that, communicating with other animals like wolves would seem a bit odd, although I suppose they do understand spoken words in many degrees still. But might it be a combination of that and a ghostly prescence somehow inside the receiver's mind? That mind unity thing from Farscape comes to mind now, but that feels almost too advanced and a really in depth sending, if one was to call it a sending. The Sunfolk had however seemed to forgotten about sending, or what was the story there again? Elves seem otherwise to very casually be able to send, with some able to block out others however as well as others able to force their way in another's mind almost..

The graphical media is a bit limited too though, trying to remember now any indications on how the media of sending itself is..