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I've been wondering lately : if Elfquest was ever to be adapted into a console (or PC) game, how would you like it done ?

My op' on it is it should be tried like the ICO game :
  very NON-violent and peaceful, with camera effects that seem to give
  an overall view (or other perceptions, like hearing or sniffing).
Same quality level (Wendy is VERY sensitive to quality, as us fans).
I imagine it in the World of two moons : inside the forest, out in the open (plains), or in the huge Blue Mountain.
What a wonderful way to promote Wendy's art and universe !

And there's tenderness in ICO : simply holding the hand of Yorda all along DOES give that feeling... So imagine with all the emotion panel we see in Elfquest !

What lacks to most games of this sort is not action (even ICO as MUCH in it : hardly got the time to breathe, sometime) but MEANS to express CREATIVITY, real dialogues and a NON-linear plot.

The problem with EQ would most probably be to escape the known plots...

Why I thought of that (and why in "All the many colors") : just because the zoom effect in ICO shows the characters and landscape's details, and without needing too much graphic work, in fact, to produce a great effect : the main thing is keeping animation fluid and "life-like" (in ICO : the main character really moves like a child...)

More info on ICO (Phenix Award 2002 - Best Universe) :
( You may find MANY other urls on it... )

Just waiting for your reactions...

Shade and sweet water !