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you're very much right firya!

an all other way to look at it was to make it MMORPG (i think it's called...): Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game. you can create your whole own elf. Either a good hunter or a magic-user, or maybe neither just for the roleplay part! this would, though, have the bad side that:
1: it would cost money (like all other MMORPG)
2: the game might be so good (and space-requiring) that you can't get a computer which won't lag!
3: when talking to someone, you would need to enter some kind of irritating chat room, which would prevent you from seeing what's happening in "the real world".

This game would also need an exp. system, in like: if you've played as a sun-folk healer for a RL year you should be at least somewhat better than a sun-folk healer who started yesterday.

one good thing though:

If you want to fight and get alot of action, play a go-back.

If you want to play to survive and "howl" play wolf-rider.

If you want to be very artistic and challenge others to some fun games play as sun-folk.

If you want to know all that's happening around you play as a glider.

Same as above except you get a little more "action" as one of the lucky first eight to sign up for being one of the chosen eight.

(you might also play as troll, but playing human doesn't make sense when it's an EQ game if you ask me!)

P.S. not that i dislike the other ideas! and this thread IS about a console EQ game (not one for computer)!