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Hummm. Final Fantasy nearly made me a console-nerd at a time :
  so beautiful scenes in between events & actions.

Yet, well, um...
Rather than a RPG (as I've seen & played too much)
I rather envisioned Elfquest being played as a one-player - team-action game, based on "living in the now" and freely switching between each character to position / make them act / talk / ... each his/her pov and situation and senses on...
I mean : just imagine a group action in the hunt, this way.
And NOT having to control each & every move (some do reflex actions & just follow the group).

Another possibility : when an event occurs, SLOW MOTION QUICK DECISION ROUND, then you see it played (alm.) automatically : that would reflect what Cutter once put : "as a group we ARE bigger "
Other that that, the play mechanisms should stay pretty simple (my op.).

By the way, I think the Madcoil event would be the perfect beginning for any player :
1. Normal situation some time before : normal hunt (learn the how-to)
2. Madcoil lurks around : remember the description : " something played with our senses, lurking around, just out of reach, the forest was silent " and the like...
3. Madcoil attacks (remember the physical AND mental shock & pain, and the terrible confusion that followed - could be done in a vid' game !)
4. The Revenge
This whole story / scenario / event could have been "played" (in my sense, with a vid' game : lived) in ANY other way that it was in the orig. series : the Wolfriders MIGHT have tracked Madcoil, and/or NOT letting it attack them, and/or NOT lose so many, and/or NOT flee at once...
Something else than a net could have been suggested.
And so on...
There were choices, and not always the best ones : remember even Cutter admitted in front of all that Bearclaw's choice to hunt it alone (or almost, 'cause Cutter is only a youngster at this time) was a mistake !

The more I think about this topic, the more I feel it would be a far better way to "touch millions" than a movie, for I can already see some scenes and moves of such a game in my head...
And a vid' game is FAR MORE INVOLVING than a movie !

See you !